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Seoul National University Entrance Laundry ‘Saetageun Dongwoo Sa’

Having a laundry service near your home is undeniably convenient. Nowadays, you can often find coin-operated laundries and the like in the vicinity. However, across from the Gwanak-gu Office in the vicinity of Seoul National University Entrance, you can still discover a laundry operating with an old-fashioned charm.

“Seoul National University Entrance Laundry, ‘Saetageun Dongwoo Sa'”

Located in an alley opposite the Gwanak-gu Office, the name of this long-established laundry is ‘Saetageun Dongwoo Sa’. It seems to have been in this location for quite some time.

These days, it’s not so easy to come across a laundry with such a nostalgic atmosphere, making this place even more special.

“Reasonably Priced Laundry and Repair Service”

The main services offered here are laundry and repairs. Since it was very close to my place, I entrusted them with the task of cleaning the fall coats that had been stored away for a long time, using the excuse of not having enough time.

The laundry took about two days, which I found to be quite reasonable and not overly time-consuming.

One small drawback was that when I first brought in two coats, they asked for 18,000 KRW, but when I went to pick them up, they requested 20,000 KRW. While the 2,000 KRW difference wasn’t a significant burden, it was a bit awkward that the price differed between when I dropped them off and when I picked them up.

Nevertheless, despite this, I felt that this was a place where you could leave your items at a reasonable price. It had a warm feeling, making it even more of a cherished spot.

“Seoul National University Entrance, ‘Saetageun Dongwoo Sa'”

  • Address: 140-4 Gwanak-ro, Gwanak-gu, Seoul, South Korea
  • Phone Number: 02-874-1183
  • Operating Hours: 7:00 AM – 10:00 PM