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Seoul National University Entrance Date Course “Sarosugil”

To the southeast of Seoul National University Entrance Station, you can find an alley called “Sarosugil.” It is one of the representative tourist spots near Seoul National University Entrance. It’s a charming alley known as a popular dating spot for couples, where you can find various unique restaurants and cafes.

“The Alley Near Seoul National University Entrance, Sarosugil”

The name “Sarosugil” is a combination of “Saro,” symbolizing “Seoul National University,” and “Garosugil.” Sarosugil used to be the “Nakseongdae Market” in the past. This place used to be a market with a cozy atmosphere. Since the mid-2010s, various experimental shops have sprung up in various corners of the alley due to relatively low rent and a youthful commercial district, turning it into a street full of unique and interesting charm.

“2014: Active Promotion by Gwanak-gu Office”

As interesting shops began to gather in one place, the Gwanak-gu Office also started actively promoting this area under the name “Sarosugil.”

Currently, you can easily find signs with “Sarosugil” written prominently at the entrance to Sarosugil. Thanks to the active promotion by Gwanak-gu, it has become an even more well-known attraction near Seoul National University Entrance.

“A Street Selling Food from Various Countries”

You can find a variety of cuisines from different countries in Sarosugil. You can find foods that are not easily found elsewhere, and you might even find restaurants with signs written in Thai.

Korean, Chinese, Japanese, and Western cuisines are easily accessible, and you can also find restaurants selling food from countries that are not commonly seen elsewhere. It’s a street where you can explore various shops with unique decorations, and it can be called a mini Itaewon due to the diverse range of international cuisines available.

“An Alley with Charming Shops”

Not only restaurants but also various charming shops with a cozy atmosphere have found their place here. You can find things like photo studios where you can take pictures and hobby shops that sell figures, which are not easily found elsewhere.

The street is neatly organized, and it is primarily a pedestrian-friendly road, making it almost impossible for vehicles to pass through. The street is quite long, so it may take quite a bit of time to explore every nook and cranny from start to finish.

“A Street Where Elegance and Nostalgia Coexist”

Furthermore, since Sarosugil used to be the Nakseongdae Market, you can still find traces of Nakseongdae Market in Sarosugil. It’s an interesting place where stylish shops coexist with shops that evoke the nostalgia of old memories.

As a prominent tourist spot promoted by Gwanak-gu, it can be considered a representative tourist attraction in Gwanak-gu near Seoul National University Entrance. It’s a must-visit place near Seoul National University Entrance where you can find stores full of individuality.

“Seoul, Sarosugil Near Seoul National University Entrance”

  • Address: Bongcheon-dong, Gwanak-gu, Seoul