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Seoul Namsung Sagye Market

Near Seoul’s Isu Station, you can find a market called “Namsung Sagye Market.” It is a vibrant market located between apartment complexes and the subway station, attracting many visitors even on weekdays.

The market is themed around the four seasons: the spring section primarily sells household goods, the summer section offers groceries like fruits, vegetables, and meat, the fall section features convenient food options, and the winter section provides warm soup options. It is named “Namsung Sagye Market” based on these seasonal themes.

“Seoul Namsung Sagye Market”

Finding Namsung Sagye Market is straightforward, and it’s convenient to visit by subway. You can find it by taking Exit 14 of Isu Station (Chongshin University) on Subway Line 4 and Line 7, then following the alleyway.

“With a History of Over 50 Years, Namsung Sagye Market”

Namsung Sagye Market was previously known as “Namsung Market.” This name originated from the fact that it was a market located in Namsung-dong when the area was still called Namsung-dong, not Sadang-dong.

The name Namsung-dong referred to a village located south of Seongteo, which was at the southern border of Bangbae-dong. It was called this because it was a village located to the south of Seong. Namsung-dong, where indigenous people lived before 1965, saw significant growth when residents displaced by the Cheonggyecheon Stream restoration moved in 1966, leading to the establishment of the market.

Due to redevelopment in the late 1980s, the market was demolished. As merchants relocated to the alleyways under the old market, Namsung Market eventually found its current location.

Today, the market sees an average of over 15,000 visitors daily and continues the legacy of being a representative traditional market in the area for over 50 years. In 2014, it was recognized as a traditional market.

“Namsung Sagye Market: Rice Cake Shops”

Namsung Sagye Market is also known for its popular rice cake shops. Since the rice cakes are sold in the market, the prices are relatively affordable, and the taste is guaranteed. Here are three famous rice cake shops in the market:

  • Mollangi Su
  • Sodam Rice Cake
  • Minsook Rice Cake

Exploring the market allows you to experience the market’s unique vitality and taste a variety of foods. If you’re looking for a nearby restaurant, it’s a good idea to visit Namsung Sagye Market first and then decide on a place to eat.

“Seoul Isu Station, Namsung Sagye Market”