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Seoul Namseong Station Alley Market

Near Seoul Subway Line 7’s “Namseong Station,” you can find the Namseong Station Alley Market. It’s not a very large market, but it offers a place where you can enjoy everyday pleasures, with stores selling delicious food at affordable prices.

“Seoul Namseong Station Alley Market”

You can find the Namseong Station Alley Market by heading towards Exit 1 of Seoul Subway Line 7’s Namseong Station. As you enter the alley market, you’ll encounter a quaint market scene. Though small, it’s a recognized traditional market that has undergone modernization, presenting a neatly transformed market.

Particularly, it’s a place where you can find a variety of food items. You can purchase ingredients at a reasonable price, and you can also buy finished products to taste. The prices are notably more affordable compared to buying and tasting from other places.

“Sampling Various Eats at Namseong Station Alley Market”

Coincidentally, I had an acquaintance who lived near the Namseong Station Alley Market, so we decided to meet and have a simple meal.

For our meal, we quickly sorted it out by buying food from the market. Even though the two of us ate heartily, it only cost us 14,500 KRW. The list of items we purchased from the market that day is as follows:

  • Whole Chicken: 6,500 KRW
  • Fried Dough Sticks (Kkwabaegi), 3 pieces: 2,000 KRW
  • Hot Dogs, 2 pieces: 2,000 KRW
  • Small Gimbap Rolls, 3 lines: 3,000 KRW

In addition, you can see that the market offers a variety of affordable food items for sale. For those living nearby, it’s a special place where you can stop by and enjoy delicious food at a reasonable price. It’s a unique spot where you can purchase tasty food at budget-friendly prices.

“Seoul Dongjak-gu: Namseong Station Alley Market”

  • Address: 254-1 Sadang-dong, Dongjak-gu, Seoul