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Seoul Nakseongdae “English Village Gwanak Campus”

In 2004, the first English village in Korea, Gyeonggi English Village Ansan Campus, was established. Since then, English villages have sprung up all over the country.

English villages can be broadly classified into accommodation-type and commuting-type, and the operating entities vary depending on the region’s English village.

“Gyeonggi English Village: Paju, Yangpyeong Campuses”

Nowadays, most English villages have disappeared, and in Gyeonggi Province, only Paju and Yangpyeong campuses maintain the lineage directly operated by the national (Gyeonggi Province) government. However, even this has seen the name “English Village” disappear, replaced by names like “ChangeUp Campus” and “Creativity and Humanity Campus.”

“English Villages in Seoul”

In Seoul, English village camps are also being operated. Seoul English Village has Pungnap Campus, Suyu Campus, Gwanak Campus, and Wolgye Campus. However, among these, Pungnap Campus has been changed to Seoul Creative Village, and no longer operates any English-related programs.

“Seoul English Village Gwanak Campus”

Near Seoul National University Gwanak Campus, you can find Seoul English Village Gwanak Campus. However, due to the COVID-19 virus, operations have been suspended for a while.

The building is relatively modest compared to Gyeonggi English Villages in Paju or Yangpyeong. However, compared to other English academies, it is sufficiently large in scale, so if it is activated well, it is a place where you can learn English at a reasonable price.

However, in a recent article, I found that starting from the second half of 2022, the English village will no longer exist, and it will be converted for use as the “Gwanak Complex Lifelong Education Center.”

“Gwanak Complex Lifelong Education Center”

The Gwanak Complex Lifelong Education Center operates as a specialized lifelong education center for enhancing the capabilities of young people in the surrounding areas, focusing on job skills and entrepreneurship. It provides a variety of lifelong learning programs tailored to users, such as a new industry education environment that fits the 4th industrial revolution and digital innovation era, free of charge.

Regular intensive programs for young people to enhance their job skills and regular intensive programs for career breakers seeking employment are also operated. In line with recent hiring trends, programs such as ‘Job Hunting, Lifelong Education Program’ to enhance practical skills, and ‘Overseas Entrepreneurship and Local Studies Education’ for overseas business owners are also conducted.

It is no longer a place that can fulfill the role of an English village, but (formerly) Seoul English Village Gwanak Campus is transforming into an institution that provides new education in line with the flow of the times. It is a new place with the changed name “Gwanak Complex Lifelong Education Center.”

“Seoul Nakseongdae Gwanak Complex Lifelong Education Center – (Former) Seoul English Village Gwanak Campus”

  • Address: 70 Nakseongdae-ro, Gwanak-gu, Seoul (Postal Code: 08790)
  • Phone Number: 02-6943-3605
  • Gwanak Complex Lifelong Education Center Website: https://www.seoullifelong.co.kr