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Seoul Myeongdong, McDonald’s 2nd Branch

McDonald’s, born in Chicago, Illinois, USA, is a prominent multinational fast-food franchise. It has become synonymous with fast-food burgers, symbolizing American capitalism and globalization along with Coca-Cola and Apple.

As a globally recognized brand, McDonald’s has even created the “Big Mac Index,” calculating purchasing power based on the price of its signature menu item, the “Big Mac,” showcasing its significant impact on the world economy.

“McDonald’s in Myeongdong, Seoul”

Seoul’s Myeongdong is a must-visit destination for foreigners exploring South Korea. Consequently, McDonald’s can be found in Myeongdong, with not just one but two locations.

The 1st branch in Myeongdong is located near Euljiro 1-ga Station on Subway Line 2, very close to the center of Myeongdong.

The later-established 2nd branch is near Myeongdong Station, right in front of Exit 4 of Subway Line 4’s Myeongdong Station.

“A McDonald’s store with three floors but utilizing only two”

The store is quite spacious, spanning three floors. However, during my visit, only the 1st and 2nd floors were operational. The 1st floor had relatively limited seating, while the 2nd floor offered a more expansive area.

Unlike other McDonald’s locations, this one felt somewhat lacking in vibrancy. The kiosks were not yet installed on the 1st floor, and orders were still placed directly at the counter. Despite its three-floor structure, there was a sense of understatement.

Upon trying to go to the 3rd floor after receiving the food, a staff member urgently informed me that the 3rd floor was not in operation. Even while dining on the 2nd floor, it felt surprisingly serene considering it was in the heart of Myeongdong.

Overall, the atmosphere was somewhat awkward and lacked the usual energy. The staff seemed insufficient, contributing to an overall impression that this McDonald’s branch might face closure soon. Among the McDonald’s locations I’ve visited, it was the most uncomfortable, emitting an awkward and hesitant ambiance.

“Seoul Myeongdong, McDonald’s Myeongdong 2nd Branch”