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Seoul Konkuk University Star City Bookstore “Kyobo Book Centre”

Kyobo Book Centre is the largest and leading bookstore in Korea, selling both domestic and foreign books. It currently operates both an online and offline store, making it the largest bookstore in Korea in terms of scale.

Kyobo Book Centre can be found in major cities across Korea, including Seoul, where you can find branches like the main branch in Gwanghwamun, as well as in prominent areas like Gangnam. Particularly in large shopping malls, you are sure to find either Kyobo Book Centre or Youngpoong Bookstore, which are the top two bookstores competing for the top spot. In Konkuk University Star City, you can find Kyobo Book Centre.

“Konkuk University Star City Bookstore, Kyobo Book Centre”

You can find Kyobo Book Centre on the basement floor of Konkuk University Star City. Previously, there was a bookstore called “Bandi and Luni’s” here, but it was replaced by Kyobo Book Centre.

“Neat Atmosphere”

As with any Kyobo Book Centre branch, including the one in Konkuk University Star City, it is operated with a clean and neat atmosphere. Bestsellers are displayed, and you can also find the latest trend-setting books.

Personally, even if I don’t buy a book, if there’s a bookstore nearby, I take the time to browse. Just by looking at the titles of books that are currently trending in bookstores, you can at least grasp the latest trends.

“You can also find stationery at Kyobo Book Centre, including Kyobo Hottracks”

At Kyobo Book Centre, you can find a stationery store called “Hottracks.” In Kyobo Book Centre located in Konkuk University Star City, you can also find a Hottracks store that handles stationery.

Due to COVID-19, many people are spending time at home, so recently, you can also see a lot of “DIY” products displayed in bookstores.

Being accessible from the subway station in Konkuk University Star City, and being located within the Star City shopping mall, it’s a great place to take a look around and grasp the latest trends while shopping.

“Seoul Konkuk University Star City Bookstore, Kyobo Book Centre”