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Seoul Jamsil Flagship PC Room ‘Logitech G PC Cafe’

Logitech is a well-known company for keyboards and mice. Known for their precision and loved by gamers, Logitech is a renowned brand for keyboards and mice.

For gamers, finding the right equipment is just as important as the performance of the computer. Especially for professional gamers, they consider their keyboard and mouse as specialized equipment tailored to their needs. It’s akin to a professional baseball player using a glove and bat designed specifically for them.

“Logitech G PC Cafe near Jamsil Saenae Station”

You can find the “Logitech PC Cafe” near Jamsil Saenae Station. Its exact name is “Logitech G PC Cafe,” a PC cafe that is set up exclusively with Logitech products.

These days, most PC rooms use good keyboards and mice, but in the past, that wasn’t always the case. There were many places with less than optimal computer performance. Personally, since having a comfortable keyboard and mouse was crucial to me, there were times when I brought my own mouse when going to a PC room.

However, when using the Logitech PC Cafe, I feel like I no longer need to worry about such things. Each seat is equipped with Logitech products, allowing you to enjoy the game using the equipment you prefer.

“After trying out the games…”

It’s been a long time since I last played games in a PC room. Trends have changed a lot over that time, and I think PC rooms have become more comfortable than before.

Each seat has a stand for wireless charging of mobile phones, and Logitech products are provided for the keyboard, mouse, and headset. It is set up for comfortable gaming.

The cost is not too expensive either. You can enjoy it for 1,000 won for 40 minutes, which is quite reasonable.

“Logitech PC Cafe located underground”

The Logitech PC Cafe is located underground. The entrance is quite narrow. As a result, before opening the door and entering, it may not seem significantly different from a typical PC room or may even appear to have less merit compared to larger PC rooms.

However, once you enter, you can find a comfortable space set up with Logitech equipment, making it a place with its own unique appeal.

It’s a place where you can reminisce about the old memories of playing games with friends in a PC room, locked away in the nostalgia after a long time.

“Seoul Jamsil Saenae Station, Logitech G PC Cafe”

  • Address: B1, 64 Seokchonhosu-ro, Songpa-gu, Seoul 05559, South Korea