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Seoul Hongdae Bookstore “Youngpoong Bookstore Hongdae Branch”

Youngpoong Bookstore is a book-selling company and a bookstore brand in South Korea, alongside Kyobo Bookstore. It is operated by Youngpoong Bookstore Co., Ltd.

Established on May 1, 1992, as an affiliate of the Youngpoong Group, it later established itself as the second-largest offline bookstore in Korea. The main branch is located in Seorin-dong, Jonggak Station.

Currently, it can be found in major areas across the country, including “Yeouido IFC” and “COEX Starfield.”

“Youngpoong Bookstore Seoul Hongdae Branch”

Youngpoong Bookstore can also be found in the heart of Seoul, specifically in Hongdae. The Hongdae Branch of Youngpoong Bookstore is conveniently connected to Hongik University Station, Line 2. Its location is on the B2 floor, allowing direct access without going above ground from the subway station.

If you head towards Exit 2 of Hongik University Station, you’ll see a corridor connected to the building on your left. Taking this path will lead you to Youngpoong Bookstore Hongdae Branch.

“A Cozy and Chic Bookstore, Youngpoong Bookstore Hongdae Branch”

Youngpoong Bookstore Hongdae Branch is not a very large bookstore. However, it is relatively more recently established compared to other Youngpoong Bookstore branches, giving it a cleaner and more sophisticated atmosphere.

Being located in the Hongdae area, known for its popularity among young people, it exudes a youthful vibe. As a result, the interior of the bookstore is quaint, and in addition to books, you can find various goods including unique merchandise.

“A Small Performance Space in the Bookstore”

Furthermore, reflecting the atmosphere of the Hongdae area, famous for street performances and unique performances, this bookstore has a unique and special space that is not commonly seen in other places. In one corner of the bookstore, you can find a small performance space. If you happen to visit when a performance is taking place, you can enjoy it for free.

“The First Large Bookstore to Sell Comic Books”

While it is now common for bookstores to sell comics, Youngpoong Bookstore was the first large bookstore in Korea to professionally handle and sell comic books, a practice that was discouraged until the 1990s. At the Jongno main branch, a separate comic book section was established, bringing a breath of fresh air to the bookstore industry. Until the 1990s, comic books were considered taboo for large bookstores, but with the increase in large bookstore openings in the 2000s, Youngpoong Bookstore was the first to embrace them.

Subsequently, this trend also influenced Kyobo Bookstore, which had not dealt with comic books before, to establish its own comic book section.

“Youngpoong Bookstore Online”

Similar to Kyobo Bookstore, Youngpoong Bookstore also operates an online bookstore. If you need any books, you can visit the website using the address below and place an order.

Youngpoong Bookstore Hongdae Branch is a place where a quaint and neat interior stands out. It seems to reflect the characteristics of the Hongdae area, which is frequented by many young people. Thanks to this, it might contribute to breaking away from the old-fashioned image that Youngpoong Bookstore used to have.

“Seoul Hongdae Bookstore, Youngpoong Bookstore Hongdae Branch”

  • Address: B2, 161 Yanghwa-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul
  • Phone: 02-2250-7733
  • Operating Hours: 11:00 – 22:00
  • Website: Youngpoong Bookstore