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Seoul, Hanyang Fortress Wall Trail – Dasan Seonggak Library

Part of the Namsan Course within the Hanyang Fortress Wall Trail is known as Dasan Seonggak-gil. This trail represents the path along the fortress wall, starting from Jangchung Gymnasium and extending along the side of the Shilla Hotel.

“Dasan Seonggak Library Along Dasan Seonggak-gil”

Walking along Dasan Seonggak-gil, you’ll come across the ‘Dasan Seonggak Library’ situated along the Hanyang Fortress Wall Trail.

“Local Library Along Dasan Seonggak-gil, Dasan Seonggak Library”

The Dasan Seonggak Library is a library found along Dasan Seonggak-gil. Given the elevated nature of Dasan Seonggak-gil, you can enjoy views of Seoul from this location.

Opened on May 26, 2021, Dasan Seonggak Library is a relatively new local library, with just about two years since its inauguration.

“Seoul’s Jung-gu District’s First Eco-Friendly Forest Library”

Dasan Seonggak Library stands as Jung-gu District’s first eco-friendly forest library. The space was created by remodeling the entire three floors of the Dasan Public Parking Lot and renovating the outdoor area.

Upon entering the library, you’re immediately connected to the second floor. The second floor features an information desk, a general reading room, and an indoor garden. Descending along the circular bookshelves on the right side leads to a connection with the first floor. The circular library was designed to mimic the rounded curve of the public parking lot.

“First Floor Connecting to Outdoor Space”

The first floor houses a space for infants, a children’s reading room, a community room with laptops for use, and an indoor garden. During the design phase, folding doors were installed in the center to connect the indoor and outdoor spaces, considering the limited area. Opening the doors provides a direct view of the fortress even from inside.

On sunny days, the structure allows for enjoying bright sunlight indoors. Due to the relatively confined space, this layout was implemented to maximize utility.

“Third Floor – Youth Reading Room and Program Room”

The third floor serves as a space dedicated to youth. It reflects the thoughts of nearby Jangchung Middle School and Jangwon Middle School students. Their opinions, such as wanting a more comfortable cushion, were incorporated directly.

In particular, the third floor exudes a free atmosphere. While it has a relaxed vibe, being a library, it’s also a space where people quietly study or read in their preferred spots.

“Outdoor Space for Hosting Events Like Book Concerts”

Dasan Seonggak Library offers an outdoor space as well. Outdoors, you can find a small stage-like area decorated with mathematical formulas. On event days, you can enjoy activities like book concerts.

During non-event times, the stair-shaped space outdoors allows for a pleasant reading experience.

“Meaningful Library at the Heart of Dasan Seonggak-gil”

As a library located at the center of Dasan Seonggak-gil, Dasan Seonggak Library provides a significant space where you can appreciate stunning views. While it’s an excellent place for local residents and students, it’s also a worthwhile spot for outsiders to visit while strolling along Dasan Seonggak-gil.

“Seoul Sindang-dong Dasan Seonggak Library”

  • Address: 173 Dongho-ro 17-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul (Sindang-dong)
  • Phone: 02-2230-2965
  • Operating Hours: (Tue-Sun) 9:00 – 22:00
  • Closed on Mondays and Public Holidays
  • Website: https://www.junggulib.or.kr/index.do