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Seoul Gyeongui Line Book Street Sculpture “Black Gravity” (Photo)

In various locations, you can find a variety of artworks, sculptures, and other sculptures. In the Gyeongui Line Book Street, which is located between Seoul Sinchon and Hongdae, you can also find hidden sculptures.

“Artist Sim Seung Wook’s ‘Black Gravity'”

At the entrance to the “Seoul Design Startup Center” at the end of Gyeongui Line Book Street, you can find a unique sculpture, the work of artist Sim Seung Wook, titled “Black Gravity.”

Below is a description of the artwork:

  • Artist: Sim Seung Wook (Korea, 1972)
  • Dimensions: 110cm X 110cm X 200(h) cm
  • With “Black Gravity,” one can experience the irony of opposing perspectives from the world and form we perceive. The work symbolizes attributes that are not simply dichotomized and expressed in complex language. By representing the meaning of life as a value that cannot be definitively determined or concluded, this piece aims to simultaneously depict opposing relationships in a complex form that can proliferate or disappear.