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Seoul Gwanghwamun Pancake House “Jongro Bindaetteok”

The Gwanghwamun area in Seoul is a representative office-dense zone. It’s home to the government’s Seoul City Hall, headquarters of various newspapers, and the corporate offices of major companies. During lunchtime, you can witness numerous office workers coming out to have their meals.

Given that it’s a place with many office workers, it’s common to find places selling food that would appeal to them. “Jongro Bindaetteok,” which I visited this time, is located west of Gwanghwamun Square. You can find it right in front of Exit 8 of Gwanghwamun Station, Line 5.

“Gwanghwamun Pancake House, Jongro Bindaetteok”

“Jongro Bindaetteok,” which you can find in the Gwanghwamun area of Seoul, is a restaurant that’s more suitable for dinner than lunch. True to its name, they sell various types of pancakes.

They offer a variety of pancakes, including seafood pancakes, in addition to other dishes. Especially during the evening hours, you can always see a bustling crowd of people.

“Bindaetteok & Pancakes”

  • Vegetable + Meat Pancake: KRW 23,000
  • Meat + Seafood Pancake: KRW 24,000
  • Seafood + Oyster Pancake: KRW 25,000
  • Assorted Bindaetteok: KRW 34,000
  • Meat and Green Onion Pancake: KRW 17,000
  • Seafood Pancake: KRW 18,000
  • Oyster Pancake: KRW 19,000
  • Acorn Jelly Salad: KRW 15,000

“Meal Menu”

  • Acorn Jelly Rice: KRW 8,000
  • Oyster Rice Soup: KRW 9,000
  • Oyster Rice Cake Soup: KRW 9,000
  • Pancake Noodle Soup: KRW 6,000

As I was passing by on my way home from work, it happened to be mealtime. The food looked so delicious that I decided to stop by and have a meal. While this place specializes in pancakes, I visited to have a meal, so I didn’t order a pancake. Instead, I ordered the “Oyster Rice Soup.”

“Oyster Rice Soup: KRW 9,000”

A bowl of oyster rice soup was KRW 9,000. It wasn’t the typical oyster rice soup we commonly think of, so I was a bit surprised. However, the oyster rice soup available here was also quite charming.

It’s a place where you can have a simple meal. However, since this place mainly focuses on pancakes, I felt like coming back with friends next time to order some pancakes or pancakes with green onions and spend the evening.

“Gwanghwamun Pancake House: Jongro Bindaetteok”