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Seoul Gasan Digital Complex Hangover Soup Restaurant “Jeju Eunhee’s Hangover Soup”

Jeju Eunhee’s Hangover Soup was first opened by Ms. Lee Eunhee in 2002 in Ildo 2-dong, Jeju City, Jeju Island. It’s the original flagship store that has been in operation for 20 years. Originally, “Eunhee’s Hangover Soup” could only be tasted in Jeju Island. However, in 2017, after entering into a franchise agreement with “Hasol FNB,” you can now enjoy the same taste of food not only in Jeju but also in various locations nationwide.

“Seoul Gasan Digital Complex Hangover Soup Restaurant, Jeju Eunhee’s Hangover Soup”

Even in the prominent office-concentrated area of Gasan Digital Complex in northern Seoul, you can find “Jeju Eunhee’s Hangover Soup.” This restaurant is located within walking distance from Exit 5 of Gasan Digital Complex, towards “Cheolsan Station.”

“Note: Only two representative dishes are available at this restaurant”

Jeju Eunhee’s Hangover Soup offers only two representative dishes: Hangover Soup and Intestine Soup. The menu is quite simple. Additionally, there are options like “Yangmuchim (seasoned vegetables), Dombe Gogi (sliced meat), Dombe Modum (various meats).”

Most visitors to the restaurant probably choose “Hangover Soup.” It contains rich ingredients such as beef with a special texture, Jeju’s wild vegetables, and bean sprouts simmered in broth made from boiled bones. Due to the wide variety of ingredients, there’s an element of anticipation in every spoonful, wondering what you’ll find inside.

“Beef Hangover Soup”

“Sunji (intestine)” is sometimes included at Eunhee’s Hangover Soup. Generally, Sunji has a strong taste that some people may find difficult to eat, but the Sunji that comes with Eunhee’s Hangover Soup doesn’t have a strong taste. Therefore, even those who don’t usually eat Sunji might give it a try here.

If you find Sunji a bit overwhelming, you can request to have it omitted when placing your order. Personally, sometimes I eat it with Sunji, and other times I ask for it to be removed.

When you’re not feeling up to eating much, this Hangover Soup place in Gasan Digital Complex is a reliable and comfortable meal option to help you feel refreshed.

“Seoul Gasan Digital Complex Hangover Soup Restaurant, Jeju Eunhee’s Hangover Soup”

  • Address: 102ho, 1F, World Meridian 2nd, 123, Gasan Digital 2-ro, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul, 08505, South Korea
  • Phone: 02-866-0979
  • Operating Hours: (Mon-Sat) 24 hours (Opens at 7 AM on Mondays) (Sun) Open until 11 PM