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Seoul Gangnam, Café ‘In the Mood Ilwon’ in Gaepo-dong

While leaving after a meeting in the business district of Gangnam Gaepo-dong, sudden rain started pouring. Considering whether to continue in the rain, the unexpectedly heavy downpour led me to seek refuge in a nearby cafe, and that’s how I stumbled upon ‘In the Mood Ilwon.’

“Secluded Cafe in Seoul Gangnam, Gaepo-dong: In the Mood Ilwon”

In the neighborhood of Gaepo-dong, ‘In the Mood Ilwon’ stands as a tranquil café. It’s not situated along a main road but tucked away in a small alley, giving it a cozy and distinctive charm.

Located on the first floor of a building, ‘In the Mood Ilwon’ is easily found in the alley. Despite its small size, the interior is thoughtfully decorated, creating a memorable atmosphere. The place is somewhat feminine, which might make some men feel a bit uncomfortable lingering.

“Coffee, Drinks, and Simple Desserts”

As a cafe in a quiet neighborhood, it offers a straightforward menu. From basic Americanos to green tea, smoothies, milk tea, and simple desserts like brownies and tiramisu, ‘In the Mood Ilwon’ caters to various tastes.

On this day, seeking a menu not commonly found in other cafes, I opted for the summer-exclusive “Watermelon Crush” while taking shelter from the rain.

The overall ambiance exudes a feminine feel, making it a suitable place for female friends or couples to visit. They also serve toasts, making it a decent spot for a casual brunch.

Since it was a place discovered by chance on a rainy day, it might leave a more lasting impression. Sometimes, places stumbled upon serendipitously become more meaningful than those visited with a plan.

“Cafe ‘In the Mood’ in Seoul Gaepo-dong”