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Seoul Daehangno ‘Hyehwa-dong Scenery’

Hyehwa-dong is also known as “Daehangno” in other words. While the main building of Seoul National University is currently located in Gwanak-gu, in the past, it was situated where Seoul National University Hospital and Marronnier Park are now. Therefore, it is known that this place was also referred to as “Daehangno.”

“From Hyehwa Rotary to Seoul Science High School…”

The name of Hyehwa-dong is derived from Hyehwa Gate located within the neighborhood. The resident center of Hyehwa-dong is famous for its traditional Korean-style building, which you can find by walking up from Hyehwa Rotary towards Seoul Science High School.

As you walk in the direction of Seoul Science High School from the rotary, you will encounter the charming streets of old Hyehwa-dong. Continuing along the road, you can also come across “Prime Minister Chang’s House.”

Although I introduced Prime Minister Chang’s House a long time ago, the photos were always unsatisfactory due to the poor camera quality at the time. This time, while revisiting this neighborhood, I took a moment to capture some photos.

“Many Hanok Houses Can Be Found in Hyehwa-dong”

It is said that you can find many Hanok buildings in the alleys of Hyehwa-dong. Some of these are operated as guesthouses, so if you’re curious about experiencing Hanok living, it might be worth considering for a visit.

Furthermore, as the mecca of theater, Daehangno, you can also find small theaters here. However, these theaters are clustered to the east, in the direction of Naksan Park, centered around Hyehwa Station.

“Sungkyunkwan University, Seoul National University Hospital, etc…”

Additionally, true to its name “Daehangno” (University Street), you can find various university campuses nearby. These include the Seoul Campus of Sungkyunkwan University, Seoul National University College of Medicine and Hospital, Catholic University, Hanyang University, and Sungshin Women’s University, all within close proximity.

Capturing the serene and charming scenery of Hyehwa-dong, a place considered one of the centers of Seoul, I took a photo to share.

“Seoul Hyehwa-dong: Hyehwa-dong Rotary”

  • Address: Hyehwa-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul