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Seoul COEX Urban Airport Tower Restaurant ‘Mother’s Hwangtae’

In Seoul, at Samsung Station near COEX, you can find the Urban Airport Tower. The Urban Airport allows travelers to complete check-in procedures in the city before heading to the airport, enabling them to board the plane without additional screening.

In Europe, it’s common to find urban airports within train stations, much like Seoul Station. In Seoul, you can find one at COEX, known for hosting frequent MICE events.

“Seoul COEX Urban Airport Tower Restaurant Area”

The Urban Airport Tower is connected to COEX, where you can find various restaurant areas. In the ASEM Tower area, you’ll also find several dining options. The underground restaurant area of the Urban Airport Tower houses several restaurants that are convenient for office workers to have their meals.

The place I visited this time is a restaurant named “Mother’s Hwangtae” among them. In fact, I had visited this place about 10 years ago. I’m not sure for what reason I was in this area, but I do remember having a meal with colleagues from work here about a decade ago.

“Korean Urban Airport Tower: Mother’s Hwangtae”

At Mother’s Hwangtae, as you can infer from the name, you can find dishes made with “hwangtae,” which is dried pollack. Menu options include seasoned and grilled hwangtae, as well as hwangtae soup.

Here are some of the menu items available at Mother’s Hwangtae:

  • Seasoned and Grilled Hwangtae + Hwangtae Soup: 15,000 won
  • Seasoned and Grilled Hwangtae + Hwangtae Soup: 14,000 won
  • Stir-fried Octopus + Rolled Omelette: 13,000 won
  • Army Stew + Ramyeon: 22,000 won (Serves 2)
  • Seasoned and Grilled Hwangtae: 12,000 won
  • Grilled Mackerel: 12,000 won
  • Stir-fried Squid: 9,000 won
  • Braised Pollock: 12,000 won
  • Hwangtae Soup: 9,000 won
  • Al Tang (Soft Roe Soup): 11,000 won
  • Hwangtae and Fish Cake Soup: 9,000 won
  • Pollock Stew: 11,000 won
  • Egg Rice Bowl: 9,000 won
  • Hwangtae and Rice Cake Soup: 9,000 won
  • Seafood Pancake: 15,000 won
  • Steamed Hwangtae and Seafood: (Small) 45,000 won, (Medium) 55,000 won, (Large) 65,000 won
  • Braised Pollock: (Small) 45,000 won, (Medium) 55,000 won, (Large) 65,000 won
  • Hwangtae and Octopus Stew: (Small) 45,000 won, (Medium) 55,000 won, (Large) 65,000 won
  • Pollock Stew: (Small) 45,000 won, (Medium) 55,000 won, (Large) 65,000 won

“Braised Pollock: 12,000 won”

On this day, I ordered the Braised Pollock. When you order a meal, a simple side dish is provided. Kimchi, stir-fried fish cake, bean sprout salad, and broccoli were served. Afterwards, rice and soup were served, and the main dish, the braised pollock, was presented.

The braised pollock was served one per person. The taste and portion were both decent. If there were a bit more pollock or a little more radish in the braised dish, I would have needed an extra bowl of rice.

“Simple Interior”

The interior of the restaurant has a simple and typical atmosphere. There are several tables set up in the hall, and it’s quite spacious, accommodating about 30-40 people at a time.

Located in the underground shopping area of the COEX Urban Airport Tower, it’s a decent place for office workers to have a meal. Personally, I was surprised to find that this place is still in operation, considering I had visited it about 10 years ago.

“Seoul Samsung COEX Urban Airport Tower Restaurant: Mother’s Hwangtae”

  • Address: B1F #4, 36 Teheran-ro 87-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
  • Phone: 02-2016-5577
  • Operating Hours: (Everyday) 11:00 AM – 9:30 PM