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Seoul COEX Traditional Korean Restaurant “Jik Hwa Han Sang”

At COEX Starfield, you can find a variety of shops, restaurants, cafes, and more densely packed. Various shops are located around the Byeolmadang Library.

There are also a considerable number of restaurants, so you can find almost any menu by area. However, it’s considered a drawback that COEX can be like a maze, making it easy to get lost.

“COEX Traditional Korean Restaurant, Jik Hwa Han Sang”

I had occasion to visit COEX. Since various exhibitions and expos are held at COEX, I end up coming here from time to time. After participating in an exhibition, I looked for a place to have a simple meal alone and discovered a restaurant called “Jik Hwa Han Sang.”

The menu they offer allows you to have a meal for about 10,000 won. Considering that it’s a restaurant located in COEX, it can be considered a reasonable price range.

Here are the menus and prices you can find at Jik Hwa Han Sang:

  • Jik Hwa Bulgogi Han Sang: 9,900 won
  • Jik Hwa Spicy Pork Han Sang: 10,500 won
  • Jik Hwa Tteokgalbi Han Sang: 10,500 won
  • Jik Hwa Mackerel Han Sang: 10,500 won
  • Jik Hwa Dakgalbi Han Sang: 11,500 won
  • Jik Hwa Squid Han Sang: 11,500 won
  • Jik Hwa Pork Belly Han Sang: 11,500 won
  • Jik Hwa Jjukkumi Han Sang: 11,500 won
  • Jik Hwa Smoked Duck Han Sang: 11,500 won
  • Jik Hwa Beef Bulgogi Han Sang: 11,500 won

“Jik Hwa Han Sang Serving Rice in a Pot”

When you order food at Jik Hwa Han Sang, a neatly prepared set is served. Among them, what stands out the most is the “rice in a pot,” allowing you to have a hearty meal. It’s a place where you can resolve a satisfying meal without much disappointment.

You can scoop out the rice and make nurungji (crispy rice) with the rest, providing a reasonably fulfilling meal. It’s also a good place for solo dining, and it’s not a bad place to visit with friends for a meal.

“Seoul COEX: Jik Hwa Han Sang Starfield COEX Branch”

  • Address: O-107, B1, 513 Yeongdong-daero, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, 06164, South Korea
  • Phone Number: 02-6002-3066
  • Business Hours: 10:30 AM – 9:00 PM