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Seoul COEX Fast Food Restaurant, McDonald’s COEX Branch

McDonald’s is a prominent multinational fast-food franchise that originated in Chicago, Illinois, USA. It has become synonymous with fast-food burgers and, along with Coca-Cola and Apple, symbolizes American capitalism and globalization, making it a trademark of world trade.

With its global presence, McDonald’s wields immense influence on the world economy to the extent of creating the concept of the “Big Mac Index” to calculate purchasing power based on the price of its menu item, the “Big Mac.”

You can find McDonald’s stores in major locations throughout South Korea, including at COEX.

“Seoul COEX Burger Joint, McDonald’s”

The McDonald’s store at COEX is located outside COEX Mall, not inside. You can find it on the way from Samseong Station on Subway Line 2 to COEX. When you exit the subway station and walk towards COEX, you’ll find it on the right side of the entrance to COEX Mall.

“A Large-Scale McDonald’s Store”

COEX is one of Seoul’s representative landmarks. It serves as a hub for the MICE industry, so you’ll often encounter guests coming from overseas for business trips. Perhaps for this reason, the McDonald’s store here boasts a considerable size.

You can place orders through the kiosks and enjoy your meal in the seating area. Although it’s a single-story establishment, the spacious layout makes it easy to find a seat.

As McDonald’s is, quite literally, a place for “fast food,” it’s convenient for a quick meal. It’s especially suitable for solo diners, making it a useful option when you need to eat alone.

In my personal experience, when attending exhibitions or meetings at COEX and needing to dine alone afterward, this place often comes in handy.

“Seoul COEX, Fast Food Restaurant, McDonald’s COEX Branch”

  • Address: 1st Floor, Doil Building, 29, Samseong-ro 92-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, 06169, South Korea
  • Phone Number: 070-7017-6471
  • Website: McDonald’s Korea
  • Operating Hours: 24 hours