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Seoul COEX Cinema “Megabox”

Located in Gangnam-gu, Seoul, COEX (Convention and Exhibition Center) is the English name for Korea’s comprehensive exhibition venue. Technically, the venue itself is called COEX, but the entire facility, including COEX Mall and other amenities like hotels, is collectively referred to as the Korea International Trade Center. However, it is commonly known as COEX.

At Seoul COEX, you can find various establishments, including the exhibition center, Starfield, Byeolmadang Library, and a dining area. Additionally, there is a cinema located on the B2 floor of COEX, operated by “Megabox.”

“Seoul COEX Cinema: Megabox”

As you pass through the underground area of COEX, there is a slightly sunken space that leads further underground. In the past, this was the location of “Megaweb Station,” where the OnGameNet StarLeague was held. Currently, “Megaweb Station” has disappeared, and in its place, you can find Megabox.

Megabox COEX offers the opportunity to watch movies. However, even if your purpose for visiting is not specifically to watch a movie, utilizing this option can lead to cost savings on parking fees.

“Ways to Reduce COEX Parking Fees”

When parking at COEX, during daytime hours, the cost is 6,000 won per hour, with a maximum daily fee of 60,000 won. By using KakaoT Parking for mobile payment, you can receive a discount, resulting in a rate of 4,800 won per hour.

Even with the discount, parking for approximately four hours still costs nearly 20,000 won. If you plan to park for around four hours, purchasing a movie ticket at Megabox may be a more cost-effective option.

When you purchase a movie ticket at Megabox, you can park for the initial four hours at a rate of 4,800 won from 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM. From 10:00 PM to 6:00 AM, overnight parking is available for an initial four hours at a rate of 2,400 won.

These days, telecommunication companies offer free movie viewings a few times a year. Even if you don’t plan to watch a movie, consider using this service to purchase a movie ticket and reduce your parking fees.

“On This Day, Watching a Movie to Save on Parking Fees”

Truthfully, I didn’t visit COEX on this day specifically to watch a movie. I came for a different purpose, but the hourly parking fee at COEX was too expensive. As I considered alternative options, this idea came to mind.

In the situation where I needed to park for about four hours, it felt wasteful to spend nearly 20,000 won just on parking. Thanks to the free movie ticket I received through KT, I only had to pay 4,800 won with the discounted parking fee. Even if I had purchased the movie ticket at full price, it would have been more economical than simply paying for parking. However, since I already had the movie ticket, I decided to enjoy the film.

“How to Get a Discount on Megabox Parking Fees”

To receive a parking fee discount at Megabox, you first need to obtain a physical movie ticket. Then, go to the parking confirmation booth located within Megabox and provide your license plate number. This will allow you to enjoy parking at a reduced rate of 4,800 won for the first four hours.

“Thor: Love and Thunder”

The movie I watched during this visit was “Thor: Love and Thunder.” Unlike the typical story of “Thor” from Norse mythology, this film is based on the Marvel Comics universe.

It brings a completely different story, borrowing only the concepts of Thor and Mjolnir. It provided the unique experience of enjoying Marvel’s distinct style of comedy and action.

Overall, the movie didn’t leave a particularly strong impression, but it was a satisfying day, especially considering the savings on parking fees.

“Seoul Megabox COEX”