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Seoul Bukchon Hanok Village, ‘Bukchon Traditional Crafts Experience Center’

In Bukchon Hanok Village, nestled between Gyeongbokgung Palace and Changdeokgung Palace in Seoul, various traditional crafts experiences are offered. The place for these experiences is the ‘Bukchon Traditional Crafts Experience Center,’ which operates weekly and provides different programs based on the day of the week.

“Bukchon Traditional Crafts Experience Center”

The Bukchon Traditional Crafts Experience Center is located around the area between the central high school and Jungang High School in Bukchon Village. It’s slightly uphill.

As you enter the alley, you’ll find two workshops facing each other, and the one to the north is the ‘Bukchon Traditional Crafts Experience Center.’

“Bukchon Traditional Crafts Experience Center offers different craft programs every day”

The Bukchon Traditional Crafts Experience Center offers different programs based on the day of the week. On the Thursday morning we visited, they were offering a program called ‘Geumbakyeon,’ and thanks to this, we were able to hear detailed explanations from the person in charge of the Geumbakyeon program.

Here are the programs offered by day:

  • Monday
    • Gallery Mir: Flower Petal Pouch, Carved Brooch
    • Bukchon Glass Workshop: Five-colored Wood Necklace, Traditional Pattern Silver Inlay
  • Tuesday
    • Saeksilmunyang Nubi Workshop: Pillow Folding Mobile, Pillow Folding Baekcham, Knot Ornament
    • Seojin Crafts: Mask Making, Chopstick Making, Hojae Making
  • Wednesday
    • Yeonwoo Traditional Chamseon Research Institute: Bojagi (wrapping cloth) Pouch
    • Seonbul Hwagongbang: Dancheong (traditional coloring on wooden buildings) Cup Coaster, Gold Teeth Traditional Pattern Tumbler, Dancheong Pattern Accessories
  • Thursday
    • Geumbakyeon: Seopyo (ornaments), Daenggi (traditional Korean ribbon)
    • Y Workshop: Chilbo (traditional Korean coloring technique) Key Ring, Chilbo Grip Talk, Chilbo Hand Mirror Making
  • Friday
    • Isiyembang: Handkerchief, Myeonmokdori (Korean traditional headpiece), Eco Bag
    • Dangcho Mun Hanbok (traditional Korean clothing): Bojagi, Saekdonggwi (colorful silk string), Anonymous Handkerchief
  • Saturday
    • Dongrim Maedeup Workshop: Garaegi Knot Bracelet, Dragonfly Bag Hanger, Chrysanthemum Knot Bracelet
    • Jikmulnori Workshop: Five-colored Tea Coaster, Kite Pin, Lucky Bell
    • Jihyeong Workshop Hongbeokheon: Flower Shoes, Accessories, Paper Doll
  • Sunday
    • Haneulmulbit Traditional Natural Dyeing Research Institute: Handkerchief, Petite Scarf
    • Seonggyeolgung Palace Hanbok Culture Center: Pencil Case-Pouch, Emperor’s Guardian Lion Eco Bag, Emperor’s Guardian Lion T-shirt

This place provides various traditional crafts experience programs based on the day of the week. While the venue isn’t very large, it can accommodate small groups of around 10 people at a time. If you have an interest in traditional crafts, it’s a place where you can enjoy the experience to your heart’s content.

“Seoul Bukchon Hanok Village, Bukchon Traditional Crafts Experience Center”