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Seochon Village Traditional Hotteok – ‘Sul Hwadeok Bread’

Seochon Village is home to hidden small shops, making it a neighborhood where strolling through the alleyways is enjoyable. “Sul Hwadeok Bread,” located in an alley of Seochon Village, is a small shop that sells traditional hotteok.

It’s a well-known spot for those who frequent Seochon Village, as it even appeared on a past broadcast called “Tasty Road.” One difference from what was shown on the broadcast is that the shop appeared to be quite spacious. Since then, it seems they have reduced the size of the shop, and now it’s a small establishment with an open window for business.

“Seochon Village Traditional Hotteok – Sul Hwadeok Bread”

The menu offered at “Sul Hwadeok Bread” consists of traditional hotteok. They offer two types: the basic hotteok with brown sugar and cinnamon, known for its simple and non-greasy taste, and another with cheese.

The price is 1,500 KRW per piece for the combination of brown sugar and cinnamon, while the hotteok with cheese is priced at 2,500 KRW.

“Featured in Kim Young-chul’s Neighborhood Tour”

As mentioned earlier, “Sul Hwadeok Bread” was introduced on the program “Tasty Road.” Following that, it was also featured on Kim Young-chul’s Neighborhood Tour. So, when you visit the store now, you can see Kim Young-chul’s autograph along with the tagline “Kim Young-chul’s Neighborhood Tour.” Additionally, Kim Byung-ji’s signature is also displayed alongside.

Inside the store, there are baskets filled with tempting Hwadeok Bread, alongside another basket containing cash. If you have cash, you can pay with it, and if not, purchases can be made through bank transfer.

“Seoul Seochon Village, Sul Hwadeok Bread”

  • Address: 23 Jahamun-ro 1na-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul