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Preserving Centuries of History: Haengju Fortress in Goyang

Haengju Fortress is a fortress located in Deokyang-gu, Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do. It was initially constructed during the Three Kingdoms period, underwent extensive reconstruction in the Joseon era, and has stood the test of time since its completion after the Imjin War. Haengju Fortress was designated as Historic Site No. 56 in 1963.

“Preserving Centuries of History at Haengju Fortress”

Haengju Fortress holds a rich history dating back to its original construction during the Three Kingdoms period. It has preserved its history through the Joseon era. Notably, it is the site of the “Haengju Battle,” one of the three major battles during the Imjin War, alongside the Hansan Island Battle and the Battle of Jinju.

“Haengju Battle Monument”

As the most significant and renowned battle that took place at Haengju Fortress, the Haengju Battle is commemorated with the Haengju Battle Monument. This towering monument, standing at 15 meters tall, was first erected in 1963 and underwent renovation in 1970. It is known that the inscription on the monument was composed by former President Park Chung-hee.

“Boasting Refreshing, Expansive Views”

While Haengju Fortress is classified as a fortress, its elevation is not particularly high. Additionally, unlike fortresses with stone walls like Namhansanseong or Hanyangdoseong, Haengju Fortress features an earthwork structure, lacking the characteristic stone walls. Therefore, visitors expecting stone fortifications similar to those in Seoul’s fortress might find it somewhat disappointing.

Nevertheless, there is a pavilion at the fortress where visitors can enjoy a panoramic view of the Han River. The view from the elevated vantage point is refreshingly invigorating. When in need of some fresh air, it’s a great spot to visit for some scenic contemplation.

Although only a portion of the fortress remains, those expecting a fully enclosed stone fortress may find it somewhat lacking. However, with its distinctive earthen structure, Haengju Fortress exudes its own unique charm.

“Goyang: Haengju Fortress”

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