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Pottinger Street: Hong Kong’s Most Picturesque Lane

In the heart of Hong Kong’s Central district lies a street known as one of the most picturesque in the city – Pottinger Street. Admittedly, Pottinger Street may not immediately strike one as a place of beauty, with its rugged stone steps making the ascent a bit challenging. However, this street holds a special place as a preserved gem of Hong Kong’s history.

“The First Paved Road in Hong Kong: Pottinger Street”

Pottinger Street is renowned for being the first paved road in Hong Kong, constructed with the labor of Chinese workers during the era of British colonial rule. Its name is derived from the first governor of Hong Kong, Sir Henry Pottinger.

The street exudes an air of antiquity, offering a stark contrast to the modern buildings that surround it. Walking along this uneven path, one can’t help but be captivated by its unique charm. The journey begins where the tram passes and stretches all the way to Tai Kwun.

“Discovering Quaint Boutiques in Every Alley”

Throughout the street, small boutiques line the narrow alleyways, inviting visitors to explore their offerings. If time permits, taking a moment to step inside these charming shops can be a delightful experience.

“Witnessing a Wedding Photoshoot”

As I ascended Pottinger Street’s stairway, I came upon a couple at the end of the street, across from the entrance to Tai Kwun, engaged in a wedding photoshoot. The sight of the soon-to-be bride and groom, elegantly dressed in wedding attire, was truly enchanting.

It was my first encounter with this particular couple, and to my surprise, I would later come across them in various places during my travels. Of course, it’s unlikely that they would remember me.

While climbing the stairs on a hot day may present a challenge, if time allows, taking a leisurely stroll along this historic path can be a wonderful way to create lasting memories and immerse oneself in Hong Kong’s rich history.

“Central Hong Kong, Pottinger Street”

  • Address: 2A Pottinger St, Central, Hong Kong