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Pohang Dream Road McDonald’s 2nd Branch”

McDonald’s is a prominent multinational fast-food franchise born in Chicago, Illinois, USA. It is synonymous with fast-food burgers and has become a trademark symbolizing American capitalism and globalization, alongside Coca-Cola and Apple.

With its global presence, McDonald’s even created the concept of the “Big Mac Index,” which calculates prices based on its menu item, the “Big Mac.” This demonstrates the enormous influence the company has on the world economy.

Sometimes when traveling, McDonald’s comes to mind. It’s probably because McDonald’s offers a globally consistent taste.

“McDonald’s Pohang 2nd Branch, located at the entrance of Dream Road”

Not far from the entrance to Dream Road, as you enter Pohang Dream Road, you can find a McDonald’s. The Pohang 2nd branch of McDonald’s is located across from the entrance of Dream Road. It is situated on the first floor of the building, and the store is quite spacious.

You can find the same menu at McDonald’s Pohang 2nd branch as you would in other locations. (One of the advantages of McDonald’s is that no matter where you visit, you can always enjoy the same menu and similar quality.)

However, the “kiosk” has not yet been installed, so you have to place your order directly. Recently, you can find kiosks in most stores, so it’s a bit puzzling why it hasn’t been installed in Pohang yet.

“Spacious Store”

While the store is single-story, it has a considerable amount of seating. Thanks to this, it’s great for recharging while enjoying a simple snack or meal at McDonald’s.

Personally, I had the chance to unwind and enjoy a snack and a drink, relieving the fatigue accumulated during my travels. It’s a simple and pleasant store that’s good for visiting alone or with a group.

“Pohang McDonald’s 2nd Branch”