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“Peace and Reconciliation Tree” – Public Sculpture in Gwanghwamun (Photo)

In the Gwanghwamun area of Seoul, various public sculptures can be found. Notably, there are statues of King Sejong and Admiral Yi Sun-sin guarding Gwanghwamun Square.

Additionally, as you explore the Gwanghwamun area, you’ll come across public sculptures hidden throughout.

“The Peace and Reconciliation Tree”

“The Peace and Reconciliation Tree” is another public sculpture that can be found in the Gwanghwamun area. It is located behind the Sejong Cultural Center and can be found among the trees.

Here is a description of “The Peace and Reconciliation Tree”:

“The Peace and Reconciliation Tree”

  • World Characters Symposium 2014
    • Carving peace and reconciliation in characters of the world,
    • we created a cross-shaped tree by intersecting two wooden boards.
    • Each board cannot stand alone.
    • Only by relying on each other can peace and reconciliation be established.
    • This is the true spirit of proper characters, the spirit of humanities,
    • and true beauty.
    • We dream of a world of peace and reconciliation
    • created by the unity of characters from around the world.