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Paul Meyer “It’s Okay, It’s Gonna Work Out”

“The book titled “It’s Okay, It’s Gonna Work Out” is written by an author named Paul Meyer. As the title suggests, it’s a book of comfort for people who are feeling down.

Even in the most difficult and challenging of situations, the way you approach them can make the difference between staying in the situation or being able to get out of it and move forward in a better direction.

“A book with a story by an unknown author”

This book is a novel by an unknown author. It’s labeled as a novel, but it’s not exactly clear whether it’s fiction or a true story. The only thing that is certain is that the author, Paul Meyer, got this story from a 50-page booklet called “The Something” that he came across by chance.

The author, Paul Meyer, became a millionaire at the age of 27, and he credits this story with helping him get there.

“The Something”

The story of Something is about a man who lost his job, became homeless, and was told by a gentleman while begging for food, “It’s not what you eat now that matters, it’s what you awaken in you.” Paul Meyer summarizes the life of a man who pursues something inside of him and succeeds.

It would be difficult to define “The Something” in a single word. That’s why it’s referred to as “The Something” throughout the book. Finding what you really want to do is a key takeaway from the book.

When you pursue what you truly want, you’ll feel like you’re exerting superhuman strength to get it, and you’ll feel like your path is opening up.

“What can we find?”

In the end, we can think of our lives as a search for “The Something”. Those who find it early may be the ones who achieve so-called “success” before others. If it takes you a long time to find “that something”, it may take you even longer to reach “success”.

Just like some flowers bloom early and some bloom late, there will be differences in when you find it, and some of us may not find it until we die.

However, we can all be said to be in the process of finding “that something” in the end. I wonder if we can think about living our lives in a way that feels like a treasure hunt, enjoying the process itself.

“Stay positive even when you’re down…”

We all get frustrated and lose heart when things don’t go our way. However, if you’re depressed because you’re in a tough situation, you’re only going to make it worse.

If we keep hope alive and stay positive even when we’re down, we’ll get through it.

“It’s okay, it’s going to be okay: the most beautiful consolation for the lost”

  • Author : Paul Meyer
  • Publication date: July 5, 2013
  • ISBN13: 9788956392042
  • Read more on Yes24: http://app.ac/3EruA3S33