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Outdoor Escalator in Seoul’s Sinchon (Photo)

In the youthful streets of Sinchon, where the universities in Seoul gather, there is a place that is small but reminiscent of Hong Kong. It’s the outdoor escalator.

It bears a resemblance to Hong Kong’s famous “Mid-Levels Escalator,” although it naturally falls short in length compared to Hong Kong’s Mid-Levels Escalator. However, the atmosphere is quite similar.

“Escalator Leading to Sinchon Neighborhood Center”

Finding the outdoor escalator in Sinchon is simple. Just head to the Sinchon Neighborhood Center. However, please note that you can only find the escalator when coming from the north. If you’re coming from the south, you’ll need to take the stairs as there is no separate escalator.

While not very long, it is an outdoor escalator that provides convenience to residents.