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Night View of Yeonhui-dong Overpass, Seoul (Photo)

Yeonhui-dong is a neighborhood located in Seodaemun-gu, Seoul. It’s an area where you can find Yonsei University and Severance Hospital nearby, making it a popular place for Yonsei University students and employees commuting to Severance Hospital.

The name “Yeonhui-dong” originates from Yeonhui Palace, one of the detached palaces of the Joseon Dynasty.

“You Can Still Find Overpasses in Yeonhui-dong”

Even now, in Yeonhui-dong, you can still come across overpasses, though they have become less common. As it has now become a part of downtown Seoul, it exudes a neatly maintained urban atmosphere.

The Yeonhui-dong overpass spans between Yeonhui Elementary School and the Anthracite Cafe. This design ensures the safety of elementary school students when crossing the road, but it does require some physical effort to ascend and descend the overpass.

“The Night View from Yeonhui-dong Overpass”

During the early evening, while strolling through the streets of Yeonhui-dong, I stumbled upon the overpass and decided to climb up to take a photo. It may not be a remarkable picture, but it captures a certain nostalgic charm.

As I walked through the streets of Yeonhui-dong, I couldn’t help but feel a resemblance to the streets of Kyoto, Japan, which I had visited in the past. Perhaps it’s because I had a similar experience enjoying a comparable view in Kyoto.

Walking through Yeonhui-dong, I found myself reminiscing about my trip to Kyoto, Japan, on this nostalgic night.