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Macau: St. Anthony’s Church, Associated with St. Kim Dae-geon

In Macau, you can find many old churches. Alongside the “Ruins of St. Paul’s” and “St. Dominic’s Church” in Senado Square, you can also visit “St. Anthony’s Church”.

St. Anthony’s Church is one of the three prominent churches built in Macau. It was completed over two years from 1558 to 1560.

“Macau: St. Anthony’s Church”

However, the original St. Anthony’s Church was destroyed by a fire in 1847 and was lost. The current church standing there was reconstructed in the 1930s.

St. Anthony’s Church has a connection to Korea, specifically with St. Kim Dae-geon.

“St. Kim Dae-geon’s Church”

St. Kim Dae-geon was the first Catholic priest in Korea. St. Anthony’s Church is where St. Kim Dae-geon came at the age of 18 to study theology.

Thanks to this, you can still find traces of him here. Inside the church altar, fragments of St. Kim Dae-geon’s bones are enshrined, and statues depicting St. Kim Dae-geon can be found throughout.

St. Kim Dae-geon’s name in English, “St. Andre Kim,” can be spotted in various places.

“A Church Hosting Korean Mass”

Perhaps due to the enduring influence of St. Kim Dae-geon, a special Korean Mass is held here every Saturday at 5:30 PM.

The church is staffed by a Korean priest affiliated with the Korean Diocese, so if the timing is right, you can hear many stories about St. Kim Dae-geon through the Korean priest.

As a trace of South Korea that you can find in Macau, this place has continued its legacy. Moreover, it is designated as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site, making it worth a visit even for those not directly connected to St. Kim Dae-geon.

“Macau Peninsula, St. Anthony’s Church”

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