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“Life-Changing Organization Techniques” by Yoon Jung-hoon

As we go through life, organizing our surroundings is incredibly important. In an unorganized daily life, it’s challenging to lead an organized life.

Personally, despite my desire to be good at organizing, I’m not particularly skilled at it. Although I wish for a neatly organized space to work and relax, it’s difficult to achieve when life is hectic and busy.

“Life-Changing Organization Techniques”

While browsing books at the library, I stumbled upon a book titled “Life-Changing Organization Techniques,” which proved to be a practical guide.

The author, Yoon Jung-hoon, found a turning point in life after enrolling in a course to become an organization expert. Currently working as an organization expert, the book shares Yoon Jung-hoon’s experiences, practical organization methods, and insights gained from working in this field.

“Organizing space is organizing life.”

Reading the book made me think that ultimately, organizing space is akin to organizing life. I realized that simple organization methods, if learned from a young age and turned into habits, can be beneficial.

In Korean education, emphasis is often placed on “knowledge,” and there’s a lack of opportunities to learn practical life skills. Skills such as neatly folding underwear, clothes, socks, and towels might seem simple once learned but can significantly contribute to an organized life.

A tidy desk is similar. Efficiency increases when working on a neatly organized desk, which is somewhat self-evident.

“Folding Towels Like a Hotel”

One practical aspect I found useful from the book is the “hotel-style towel folding” technique. Before reading this book, I never thought about such methods. I took for granted that things in hotels are neatly arranged, but I had never considered learning these methods for personal use.

However, after trying the methods introduced in the book at home, I found that my living space became even neater, contributing to higher satisfaction in life.

“Surprisingly, organizing doesn’t take much time.”

Like the author, I might not become exceptionally good at organizing, but I realized that putting off organization tasks accumulates and makes it challenging to handle. Interestingly, when you organize things promptly, it doesn’t take much time. Therefore, I’ve decided to cultivate the habit of organizing things promptly instead of postponing them.

This book, discovered by chance, turned out to be a valuable reminder of the importance of “organization” and provided practical insights into how to approach it.

“Life-Changing Organization Techniques”

  • Author: Yoon Jung-hoon
  • Published: April 11, 2019
  • ISBN-13: 9791187962205
  • Yes24: Link to Yes24