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“Lee Kanghyeon: ‘The Strange English Dictionary: Animal Edition'”

Browsing through bookstores, you can find various English-related books. Especially prevalent are those focusing on English expressions and vocabulary, with many of them compiling high-priority words needed for exams.

Lee Kang-hyeon’s book, titled ‘The Strange English Dictionary: Animal Edition,’ is also a work dealing with such “vocabulary.” However, its format is somewhat unique. Rather than compiling vocabulary necessary for exams, it’s more of a lexicon.

“The Strange English Dictionary: Animal Edition”

Given this, one might think that the title, ‘The Strange English Dictionary,’ is apt. This book gathers vocabulary related to “animals,” as suggested by its title.

It’s a distinctive format where expressions featuring common animals like dogs and cats, frequently encountered in our surroundings, are categorized by animal type.

“A Book Organized into 19 Animal Chapters for Expressions”

The book categorizes expressions into 19 chapters, each dealing with expressions related to a specific animal. It includes the origin, examples, and usage of expressions, presenting a somewhat unique format compared to traditional vocabulary books.

While some animal-related expressions might be known subconsciously, categorizing and organizing them under each animal is not an easy task. This unique approach represents a fresh attempt. The 19 chapters in the book are as follows:

  1. Monkey
  2. Bee
  3. Dog
  4. Cat
  5. Insects
  6. Pig
  7. Wolf
  8. Bird
  9. Horse
  10. Fish
  11. Duck
  12. Chicken
  13. Bulls & Cows
  14. Bears & Rabbits
  15. Mouse & Elephant
  16. Sheep
  17. Bat, Goose & Gander
  18. Frog, Clam & Turkey
  19. Etc.

“Examples of Expressions Introduced in the Book”

Among animal-related expressions, many relate to animal behavior. For instance, considering a horse, known for its strength and speed, ‘horseplay’ refers to rough, boisterous play, akin to a large horse roughhousing.

Similarly, the English expression ‘monkey around’ suggests behaving foolishly or poking at something curiously, akin to how a monkey explores its surroundings.

This book, ‘The Strange English Dictionary: Animal Edition,’ compiles words featuring animals, providing a light and interesting approach to explore.

“A Book Recommended for Those Curious About English rather Than Those Aiming to Improve Test Scores”

This book, gathering English expressions related to commonly known animals, is recommended for readers interested in sparking curiosity about English rather than those solely aiming to improve test scores.

“The Strange English Dictionary: Animal Edition”

  • Author: Lee Kanghyeon
  • Publication Date: July 15, 2017
  • ISBN: 979-11-961107-1-0 (15740)
  • Available at Yes24: http://app.ac/fAC9lR553