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“Lalawin’s ‘Urachil Yeonaejil: Practical Dating Guide'”

The author of this book, Lalawin, is a writer who was active on Tistory. He was already among the ranks of power bloggers when the author started a blog on Tistory. He mainly wrote about dating psychology and everyday life know-how. Whenever Lalawin wrote, his posts would appear on the main page of the Daum portal, and in the past, when Naver also featured Tistory blog posts on its main page, Lalawin’s posts were commonly visible there as well.

When the author started a blog on Tistory and read posts by power bloggers, Lalawin was one of the bloggers who inspired the author to dream of becoming a power blogger.

“Meeting Lalawin, the Blogger and Writer”

Unexpectedly, after transferring to Sungkyunkwan University, the author learned that Lalawin was also an alumni of the same school. Although Lalawin had already graduated from the undergraduate program and was attending graduate school, being in the same school naturally led to the opportunity to meet.

Meeting a power blogger in person was a first for the author, so there is a vivid memory of feeling quite nervous. (At that time, the author had not yet been selected as an excellent blogger on Tistory.) However, fortunately, Lalawin, whom the author met, was enjoyable to talk to and a cheerful person. Thanks to that, the few meetings at school and near the school remained as good memories.

“Lalawin’s Book, ‘Urachil Yeonaejil'”

After meeting Lalawin, the author naturally became curious about the books he had published. Fortunately, the author was able to find them in the university library. The title was “Urachil Yeonaejil,” a book containing content about dating psychology and experiences.

Some of the content in the book was familiar from Lalawin’s blog, but since the author had not read all of Lalawin’s blog posts, it was a good opportunity to comfortably read through Lalawin’s written works in one go.

The subtitle of the book was “Practical Dating Guide,” so the author wondered if the content would be written in a stiff manner like a dating textbook. However, similar to Lalawin’s usual writing style, the book skillfully combines experiences from daily life with psychological content.

It’s a book that deals with dating content and contains psychological aspects, so it can be approached with a light heart and without too much pressure.

“A Work Dealing with Dating and Psychology Simultaneously”

In the final part of the book, Lalawin introduces some simple experiments related to psychology. There is even a diagnostic item for distinguishing between love and liking.

Among them, the experiment that left a lasting impression was one that confirmed how psychological pain can be transferred to physical pain. The experiment was conducted on the theme of “heartbreak,” ultimately proving the statement “if your heart hurts, your body hurts too.”

It’s a book that interestingly connects everyday dating experiences with psychological content, allowing readers to approach it lightly without feeling too burdened.

“Urachil Yeonaejil: Practical Dating Guide for 99% of Dating Troublemakers”