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KAKAO Friends Shop Seoul Station

KAKAO Friends are characters from the “Kakao Group,” well-known for KakaoTalk. There are stores that sell various goods and accessories featuring these characters, and one such store is the “KAKAO Friends Shop.”

You can find KAKAO Friends Shops in various places, and when you arrive in Seoul by train, especially at Seoul Station, the gateway to the city, you can find the “KAKAO Friends Shop.”

“Seoul Station, KAKAO Friends Seoul Station Branch”

You can find the KAKAO Friends Seoul Station branch on the 1st floor of Seoul Station. You can find it on the floor where you purchase tickets and board trains. It’s located centrally in Seoul Station, so it’s not hard to find.

The KAKAO Friends Shop at Seoul Station, like other KAKAO Friends Shops, offers a variety of goods featuring Kakao characters. It’s a place where you can find various products, from everyday items to souvenirs like plush toys.

“Character Merchandise from KakaoTalk Emoticons”

At KAKAO Friends, you can find products featuring characters from the emoticons we commonly use in KakaoTalk. These products make us feel more familiar, as they feature characters we often see in the app.

When you arrive at Seoul Station a little earlier than your train departure time and need to pass the time, it’s a great place to visit, browse character merchandise, and spend some time.

“Seoul, KAKAO Friends Seoul Station Branch”