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Jumunjin Fish Market, in Korea

For the last stop of my short 1-night, 2-day trip to Gangneung, I chose Jumunjin Fish Market. The market is not far from Jumunjin’s famous Goblin filming location, Bangsa Temple.

After having dinner at “Maemil Aegamja,” where the food was tasty but the portions were a bit small, I wondered if I could find something else to eat at the fish market.

“Jumunjin Fish Market”

As the name suggests, Jumunjin Fish Market is a place where seafood is sold. It’s a good place to buy fresh seafood for sashimi, but it’s not the best place to find simple fried dishes.

These days, markets often sell a variety of fried dishes, so I visited with the expectation of finding some simple fried food. Unfortunately, I was quite disappointed as I couldn’t find any.

“Jumunjin Fish Market Closes Early”

While the map states that Jumunjin Fish Market operates until 9 PM, in reality, most of the stalls close around 7 PM. I visited the market around 7 PM, and by then, most of the shops had already closed.

I managed to find a restaurant where I could try some simple fried dishes, but there was no available seating, so I couldn’t have a meal. I had no choice but to wrap up my trip with a bit of regret.

If I visit Gangneung again in the future, I think it would be better to go to Jumunjin Fish Market during the daytime or before the evening hours. That way, I might be able to experience the true essence of the market.

“Jumunjin Fish Market”

  • Address: 38 Sijang-gil, Jumunjin-eup, Gangneung-si, Gangwon-do, 25413, South Korea
  • Operating Hours: 8:00 AM – 9:00 PM
  • Website: Link