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Jamsil Lotte World Mall: Hi-Mart

Jamsil feels like a city of Lotte, with various Lotte-related buildings such as Lotte World, Lotte World Tower, and Lotte World Mall found around Jamsil Station, both to the west and east.

Due to the abundance of Lotte-related buildings, you can also find Hi-Mart operated by Lotte in two locations. One is located near Lotte World to the west, and the other is found to the east, near Lotte World Tower and Lotte World Mall. Each is situated at the respective ends of the buildings, making them easy to locate.

“Hi-Mart at Lotte World Mall, Jamsil”

This time, we took a look at the Lotte Hi-Mart located at the eastern end of Lotte World Mall. Starting from Jamsil Station and passing “Second Lotte World,” which is Lotte World Tower, you can find Hi-Mart at the end of Lotte World Mall on the 3rd floor. Due to its substantial size, it’s easily noticeable even from a distance, making it easy to find.

If you come up from the 1st floor, you can find a long escalator that goes up two floors at a time. By taking this escalator, you can reach it easily. When you get off the escalator, you’ll see the entrance to Hi-Mart right in front of you.

“Selling Various Electronic Products from Apple, Samsung, LG, etc.”

At Hi-Mart, you can find electronic products from companies like Apple, Samsung, and LG. They offer products like phones, computers, as well as home appliances such as TVs.

The most noticeable places are the Willis store selling Apple products and the Samsung store found directly across from it. They form a rivalry, facing each other. Especially, the area displaying Samsung products is the most extensive and also the most prominently located.

Thanks to this, you can easily find the latest phones from Samsung and Apple. Interestingly, now you can also find the official “Apple Store” on the 1st floor of the same building. It’s fascinating that a place handling Apple products is located so close.

“You Can Find Cameras, Home Appliances, etc. at Hi-Mart”

After passing the areas where you can enjoy products from Samsung and Apple, if you go further inside, you can find a space dedicated to cameras. Various types of cameras are displayed, and you can experience the ones that catch your eye. From affordable cameras to very expensive ones, it’s a place where you can encounter a variety of cameras.

Afterward, you can also find a space where various home appliances such as TVs, refrigerators, washing machines, and vacuum cleaners are displayed. Thanks to the space exhibiting and selling various electronic products, you can encounter various types of home appliances.

In particular, it’s an easy place to find mobile devices related to Samsung and Apple, but it’s also an interesting space where you can encounter various home appliances.

“Seoul Jamsil: Lotte Hi-Mart World Tower Branch”

  • Address: 3rd Floor, Lotte World Mall, 300 Olympic-ro, Songpa-gu, Seoul (Postal Code: 05551)
  • Phone: 02-3213-3000
  • Operating Hours: 10:30 AM – 9:00 PM
  • Website: Hi-Mart Official Website (Korean)