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Jamsil, Apple Product Experience Store ‘Apple Store Jamsil’

Since the first Apple Store in Korea landed on Garosu-gil, Apgujeong on January 27, 2018, Apple Stores in Yeouido, Myeongdong, and Jamsil have opened in succession. Among them, the “Myeongdong” store is acting as Apple’s flagship store in Korea.

The Latest Addition to Seoul’s Apple Stores

The Jamsil store is the latest to open among the Apple Stores in Seoul, with its opening date being September 24, 2022.

Seoul Jamsil, Apple Store Jamsil in Lotte World Mall

In order to secure the fourth Apple Store in South Korea, there was fierce competition in various places. Eventually, Lotte pursued the acquisition of the 4th Apple Store by renewing it to celebrate the 7th anniversary of Lotte World Mall’s opening in Jamsil. As a result, Lotte World Mall’s 1st floor became home to the Apple Store.

A Hub for Shopping and Entertainment

Jamsil is a place where you can find many Lotte-related buildings such as Lotte Department Store, Lotte World, Lotte World Tower, and Lotte World Mall, all centered around Jamsil Station. It is also a place that many people visit on weekends.

A Convenient Location for Apple Enthusiasts

Due to these characteristics, it is speculated that Apple chose Jamsil as the location for its fourth store in South Korea.

Easy Access to Apple Products in Jamsil

Even before the Apple Store arrived in Jamsil, Apple products were easily accessible. Even without an Apple Store, you could find Apple products at Willy’s on the 3rd floor of the current Apple Store location.

Enhanced Accessibility with Apple Store Jamsil

With the opening of the Apple Store Jamsil, it became even easier to access Apple products in Jamsil. It might have made the Willy’s store, which used to be an easy place to find Apple products in Jamsil, a bit awkward.

The Apple Store Experience

If someone is considering purchasing an Apple product, it seems more convenient to directly buy it from the Apple Store rather than from Willy’s.

Celebrating Your Purchase at Apple

When you visit the Apple Store, you may occasionally hear Apple staff shouting “Everyone!” When someone makes a purchase at the Apple Store, it’s a kind of service that the customer can request if they wish.

Creating a Personal Connection with Apple

This is an interesting service provided by Apple, which can be requested on the day you want to purchase a product and receive congratulations from many people.

A Unique and Relaxed Shopping Experience

When you visit an Apple Store, you can feel a different atmosphere compared to other electronic product stores. When you visit Hi-Mart or Samsung flagship stores, you may feel that everything is controlled and interfered with by the staff. However, this is not the case at the Apple Store. It has a more relaxed atmosphere.

A Welcoming Environment

Also, Apple Store’s philosophy allows photography and videography inside the store, which creates an atmosphere where many people can easily visit, as it lowers the threshold for entry.

Engaging Conversations at the Apple Store

When browsing products at the Apple Store, occasionally, staff may come and engage in various conversations. You can easily encounter staff who respond without boundaries, whether it’s about the product or the company, which may make customers feel friendly towards Apple.

Today at Apple

Apple Store Jamsil is a store located on the 1st floor. Like other Apple Stores, it hosts sessions called “Today at Apple.” However, there is a difference, especially from Myeongdong store. It tends to be relatively small and quiet, so it’s not very noticeable.

Learning and Growing with Apple

The speaker is also set to be heard only in the area with a screen, so it’s not very noticeable. However, sessions are conducted in Jamsil as well, where you can learn various things like how to take photos with an iPhone, how to edit, and how to edit after shooting a video. If you are interested in a session, you can attend and listen.

A Store Where You Can Freely Experience Various Apple Products

The Apple Store is an open space. Anyone can visit, experience the products created by Apple, and purchase them if they like.

Flexible Return Policy

Also, within 2 weeks of purchase, a refund is possible for any reason. Even if it’s simply because you don’t like it, a refund is possible. So, even if you’re unsure whether to buy the product, you can use it first after purchasing and then decide whether to continue using it.

Seoul Jamsil, Apple Store Jamsil

With the opening of Apple Store Jamsil, the existing Apple store “Willy’s” within Hi-Mart may have become a bit awkward, but from a consumer’s perspective, it’s obviously better to have one more option to refer to when purchasing products. Furthermore, since Apple Store is located on the 1st floor of the store, it has even better accessibility.

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