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Is the escalator in Singapore special?

The escalator is one of the common means of transportation found everywhere. Especially in structures like subways, department stores, and shopping malls where there are many stairs to climb, it is a facility easily encountered.

Singapore, too, has escalators easily found in places like subways. However, Singapore’s escalators show some differences compared to those in South Korea.

“Fast-paced escalators in Singapore”

While South Korea is known for its fast-paced culture, when it comes to escalators, it seems like Singapore might have the upper hand.

The escalators in Singapore are notably fast. When you ride an escalator in Singapore after being accustomed to South Korean escalators, you might feel like you’re boarding an express train rather than a regular one.

“Standing on the left is the norm in Singapore”

Also, when boarding escalators and other similar facilities, people tend to stand on the left and leave the right side free. South Korea initially promoted standing on the left, then switched to standing on the right, and now encourages a culture of standing on both sides, resulting in a somewhat chaotic situation. In Singapore, however, they consistently adhere to the policy of standing on the left.

While it may seem like a minor detail, there have been instances of unintentionally blocking the way by standing on the right, as we tend to do in South Korea. So, if you keep this in mind while traveling in Singapore, it could make your trip even more pleasant.