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Incheon “Yongdong Large Well”

Not far from Dong-Incheon Station, which leads to Incheon’s historic Guwol-dong, you can find a long-standing attraction. This well, known as the Yongdong Large Well, has been flowing down for a long time and is considered a historical site. It is a well that has been passed down to have been formed into its current state around the time of the opening of Incheon Port in 1883, dating back to the late Joseon period.

“Historical Site Near Dong-Incheon Station: Yongdong Large Well”

Originally a natural pond with good water quality and abundant supply, the Yongdong Large Well served as drinking water for Incheon citizens before the widespread availability of tap water. Even after the liberation, when the water supply situation was not favorable, it continued to be utilized by Incheon residents as a domestic water source.

The well has a diameter of 2.15 meters, a depth of 10 meters, and its interior is constructed with natural and processed stones stacked in a rounded manner. The exposed upper part on the ground is finished with a circular concrete pipe.

To protect the well, a hexagonal pavilion with a tiled roof was constructed in 1967, and a plaque on the pavilion was inscribed by the calligrapher Park Se-rim, a native of Incheon.

“Yongdong Large Well Located in a Park”

Currently, a park has been developed around the Yongdong Large Well. While it is a small park that locals can visit, it provides a resting place for residents and includes fitness facilities for simple exercises.

“Incheon, Dong-Incheon Yongdong Large Well”