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Incheon Songdo Hyundai Outlet Cafe ‘Susu Garden’

These days, cafes with various concepts are emerging. While there are spaces that focus on the traditional function of serving coffee, there are also places that incorporate items like aquariums, flowers, and gardens into the cafe experience.

Thanks to this trend, the concept of spending time in a cafe is evolving from simply enjoying coffee or drinks to immersing oneself in a specially designed interior.

“The Combination of Flower Shop and Cafe: Susu Garden Cafe”

Susu Garden Cafe is one such cafe that combines flowers and nature. It’s not just a place to sell coffee; it’s a space designed with the concept of spending time in nature. The surroundings of the store are adorned with plants, giving it the feeling of entering a well-manicured garden or even a botanical garden.

“Songdo Hyundai Outlet: Susu Garden Cafe”

You can also find Susu Garden Cafe at the “Songdo Hyundai Outlet.” It can be found in front of the escalator on the B1 level, making it easy to spot.

As befitting a garden cafe, the space is covered in plants and flowers. In a way, it feels like encountering nature within the stark confines of a building, providing a moment of respite amidst the quiet urban surroundings.

The cafe space is designed to give the feeling of stepping into a garden, surrounded by plants. As a result, it creates a sense of separation from the outside world.

“They Also Sell Flowers”

At Susu Garden Cafe, you can also purchase flowers. It’s a great place to consider when you need to give flowers as a gift.

Located inside the Songdo Hyundai Premium Outlet, it’s a wonderful place to visit when you want to buy flowers or spend time amidst nature while being in the heart of the city.

“Incheon Songdo Cafe, Hyundai Outlet Susu Garden”

  • Address: 123 Songdo International-daero, Yeonsu-gu, Incheon, South Korea, 21984
  • Phone: 032-727-2409
  • Website: https://www.susuflower.com
  • Operating Hours: (Everyday) 10:30 AM – 9:00 PM