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Incheon Songdo, “Eunjune’s Fresh Meat Kimchi Stew”

Incheon Songdo is one of the planned international cities in Incheon. One is Cheongna International City located north of downtown Incheon, and the other is Songdo International City located in the south.

Incheon Songdo is a meticulously planned international city, centered around Central Park, inspired by New York’s Central Park. It boasts a well-balanced distribution of apartments, shops, and more throughout the city. As an international city, you naturally find many signs in English, and it’s also a place where you can encounter foreigners due to the presence of various international schools.

As a bustling area, you can explore various restaurants throughout Songdo, and the place I visited this time was “Eunjune’s Fresh Meat Kimchi Stew.”

“Incheon Songdo, Eunjune’s Fresh Meat Kimchi Stew”

This place can be described as specializing in kimchi stew and meat. Since we visited during lunchtime, we opted for a simple order of kimchi stew. The price for one serving of kimchi stew was a reasonable 9,000 Korean Won.

The kimchi stew arrived in a large pot, and the portion seemed quite substantial. The meat was also generously included, and the kimchi had a visual appearance resembling whole cabbage leaves. Thanks to this, it could be said that it’s a place that makes an impact visually even before you taste the food.

“A Place to Have a Hearty Meal”

The food comes in generous portions, making it a place to have a hearty meal. It’s so accommodating that one might even be tempted to indulge in a feast.

“A Restaurant with Unassuming Interiors”

The interior of the restaurant has an unassuming atmosphere. It’s elongated in shape, with tables spread out, accommodating around 20-30 guests at once.

Additionally, you can find photos of celebrities taken at various spots in the restaurant. This might suggest that it’s a place frequented by specific celebrities.

Overall, it’s a place where you can have a hearty and satisfying meal in Songdo. It’s a good spot to visit when you’re in the mood for a generous meal in Songdo.

“Incheon Songdo: Eunjune’s Fresh Meat Kimchi Stew”

  • Address: 28 Global Campus-ro 28beon-gil, Glavon Campus Prugio 201-dong, Yeonsu-gu, Incheon, 21986
  • Phone: 032-811-5077
  • Operating Hours: 10:00 AM – 11:00 PM