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Incheon Chinatown Cafe ‘Compose Coffee’

The easiest way to get to Incheon Chinatown is to disembark at “Incheon Station.” Incheon Station serves as the terminus for both Subway Line 1 and Suin Bundang Line. Once you exit Incheon Station, you can easily find the entrance to Chinatown right across the street.

“Cafe near Incheon Station, Compose Coffee”

Arriving in Chinatown and before delving into its exploration, a caffeine fix was in order. I looked for a cafe nearby, and the first one that caught my eye was a place called ‘Compose Coffee.’

Compose Coffee is one of the prominent budget coffee brands that has been expanding its presence. Despite its affordable prices, the coffee flavor is decent, contributing to its popularity.

“A modest cafe, Compose Coffee Incheon Chinatown Branch”

The Compose Coffee store located in front of Incheon Chinatown is not overly spacious. While there were seats available, it wasn’t large enough for a significant number of people to sit at once, and those seats were already occupied by other customers, making it impossible to rest for a while.

I had to place my order through the kiosk in the store and could only get the coffee as a takeaway. There was a bit of a wish for a larger space, but even if the area were a bit more extensive, it might still have been occupied by other patrons.

Nevertheless, considering it’s a place where you can at least afford a cup of coffee, it’s a good spot for a quick takeaway if you’re in the mood for a simple coffee.

“Incheon Chinatown Cafe, Compose Coffee Incheon Chinatown Branch”