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“If Only I Could Study Even for a Day: From Last Place to First in Six Months and Admission to Seoul National University”

In an era where the saying “a dragon rises from a small stream” is gradually disappearing, there were occasional cases in the past where such phenomena occurred. Even in the 1990s, there was a person named “Jang Seung-soo” who became a topic of conversation by entering Seoul National University as the top scorer while doing manual labor and studying.

Jang Seung-soo gained attention after entering Seoul National University as the top scorer and published a book titled “Studying Was the Easiest.” He was evaluated as a representative figure who succeeded through studying in difficult circumstances.

After Jang Seung-soo, similar cases emerged, one of which is “Park Cheol-beom.” Park Cheol-beom also started studying late, entered Seoul National University, and then changed his major to law at Korea University. It is said that he changed his major to law after receiving advice from Jang Seung-soo.

“Jang Seung-soo and Park Cheol-beom: Active Lawyers”

Now, with the passage of time, they have both graduated from university. In the case of Jang Seung-soo, it was reported that he passed the bar exam and became a lawyer. Park Cheol-beom seems to be following a similar path, having passed the bar exam after graduation and embarking on the path of becoming a lawyer.

“If Only I Could Study Even for a Day: Park Cheol-beom’s Story”

This book, similar to Jang Seung-soo’s “Studying Was the Easiest,” is a story of the author’s growth. It unfolds episodes of the author’s journey of studying and the thoughts he had along the way.

In particular, the book presents episodes related to studying. While such books typically contain practical study advice, such as how to study for certain subjects, this book does not provide such content.

Instead, the book delves into the author’s childhood experiences, how he developed an interest in studying, and the mindset he had in various situations. In short, the theme is solely about studying, depicting the author’s life.

“Why Study?”

The author emphasizes the need to first think about why one should study as a prerequisite for studying well. If one is pursuing something other than studying, the author suggests reflecting on why that thing is necessary.

In the case of Park Cheol-beom, the author, he has sorted out his thoughts on why studying is necessary. He believes that by studying well, one can gain at least a minimum level of self-confidence and learn to love oneself.

The author claims to have started studying earnestly in his second year of high school. He entered a natural science program and initially entered Kyungpook National University’s College of Engineering after taking the college entrance exam.

“Admission to Seoul National University College of Engineering”

Subsequently, feeling that he did not receive the rewards he deserved for his studies, the author decided to reapply. He was confirmed to be admitted to Seoul National University’s College of Engineering after reapplying. However, he lamented his lack of consideration of how to live with the engineering knowledge he would learn, merely focusing on studying.

After finding answers to these questions, he took the college entrance exam again and transferred to Korea University’s College of Law, thus concluding the story in the book.

“Park Cheol-beom’s Similar Thoughts to the Author’s”

The author, Park Cheol-beom, and I have walked similar paths and had similar thoughts. Like Park Cheol-beom, I took the college entrance exam, was disappointed with the results, and applied to lower-ranked schools. I initially entered an engineering program.

However, after completing military service, I did not feel inclined to continue studying engineering. Although I started studying for the civil service exam, I didn’t feel a strong desire to become a civil servant, and I ended up wasting time.

Eventually, through an opportunity that came by chance, I barely managed to enter Sungkyunkwan University’s Department of English Literature through transfer, changing my field of study from engineering to humanities.

While I may not have studied as diligently as the author and did not enter Seoul National University, reading the book reminded me of the time when I didn’t study well and the process of studying that I had gone through.

“How to Make Studying Enjoyable: Just Do Something More Enjoyable Than Studying.”

At the end of the book, the author introduces “how to make studying enjoyable.” Surprisingly simple, the secret is “just do something more enjoyable than studying.”

I remember times when, despite my love for computer games and hanging out with friends, I didn’t meet friends or play games for years when I started studying seriously.

Because of such times, studying gradually became more enjoyable, and I was able to focus on studying.

This book tells the story of a student who didn’t study well but eventually succeeded through studying, making the best outcome in the world of studying, and pouring fuel into the passion for studying.

“If Only I Could Study Even for a Day: From Last Place to First in Six Months and Admission to Seoul National University”