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Hong Kong Tsim Sha Tsui, Fast Food Restaurant ‘Jollibee’

The second day of my trip in Hong Kong began. I attempted to visit the famous restaurant “Lan Fong Yuen,” located near my accommodation, for a quick breakfast. However, it seemed I arrived too early as the doors were still closed.

Rather than waiting for it to open, I decided it would be better to have a meal elsewhere. I spotted a signboard near McDonald’s, so I headed in that direction.

“The Well-Known Fast Food Chain from the Philippines, Jollibee”

I hadn’t personally visited Jollibee before, but I had come across a blogger’s introduction to it. Jollibee is a well-known fast-food chain from the Philippines, famous for strategically opening its stores right next to McDonald’s whenever the latter establishes a branch. Due to Filipino patriotism, Jollibee often outperforms McDonald’s in business.

In fact, Jollibee has been steadily expanding its international presence. It has made significant strides in countries with large Filipino populations, such as the United States, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Vietnam, and Brunei.

“The Jollibee Branch I Visited in Hong Kong”

The story I had come across about Jollibee piqued my interest, so encountering a Jollibee branch by chance prompted me to give it a try.

The Jollibee branch I visited in Hong Kong bore a striking resemblance to a McDonald’s store. The main menu items were also similar to McDonald’s, including burgers and chicken. However, they also offered unique menu items like pasta. For breakfast, they had a distinctive menu item called the “Pancake Sandwich.”

“Jollibee Breakfast Menu: Pancake Sandwich”

Since I visited for breakfast, I placed my order. Originally, I had ordered a different menu item, but due to a misunderstanding, the staff served me the Pancake Sandwich. Since it was my first time here and I couldn’t think of any other menu items, I decided to go ahead and have the meal.

The breakfast set included one chosen dish and a beverage, for which I ordered a cola. The price for the simple breakfast set was HKD 20, roughly equivalent to about 3,400 KRW.

The overall atmosphere of the store was very much like a fast-food joint, much like McDonald’s. It was a suitable place for a solo meal. Thanks to the chance discovery of Jollibee, I was able to have a quick breakfast and move on to my next destination.

“Hong Kong Tsim Sha Tsui, Fast Food Restaurant Jollibee”