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Hong Kong Tsim Sha Tsui Cafe – Arabica Percent Coffee

Although it’s a franchise coffee shop that can be found overseas, there’s a well-known place for Koreans as well. It’s a cafe known as “Yes Coffee,” with the name “Arabica Percent Coffee.”

“Also Known as Yes Coffee – Arabica Percent Coffee”

The reason this cafe is nicknamed “Yes Coffee” is quite simple. The logo of the store is represented by “%,” and when you look closely at the percentage sign, it resembles the Korean character “응” (Yes).

Personally, encountering “Yes Coffee” for me was the second time overseas. In the past, while I was exploring Kyoto, I saw “Yes Coffee” once, but due to the incredibly long lines, I couldn’t taste the coffee. However, this time, while on my way to board the Star Ferry in the Kowloon Peninsula of Hong Kong, I happened to discover the cafe and decided to order coffee.

“The % Arabica Coffee – Originated in Hong Kong”

Percent Arabica Coffee originated in Hong Kong. It started in Hong Kong and later opened stores in places like Kyoto, Japan. In Hong Kong, you can find three locations, and I visited one of them, the “Tsim Sha Tsui Star Ferry Terminal.”

The store isn’t particularly large, and it’s a small cafe that can be found on the 2nd floor of the Star Ferry Terminal, on the way to board the ferry. When I visited on a weekend afternoon, the store was bustling with people. Fortunately, there were standing tables right in front of the store, so after placing my order, I was able to spend some time sipping coffee and resting.

“The Latte is the Most Famous at Yes Coffee (응커피)”

The most famous coffee at “Yes Coffee” is the “Latte.” The weather in Hong Kong was quite warm during my trip, so I ordered an iced latte to enjoy.

It seemed that if you order a warm coffee, they also create latte art, but for chilled beverages, they don’t offer art, which left me slightly disappointed. However, with the refreshing coffee that momentarily helped me forget about the heat in Hong Kong, I was able to cool off a bit before heading to board the Star Ferry.

“Hong Kong, Tsim Sha Tsui Ferry Terminal, % Arabica Coffee”