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Hong Kong Central Library: A Haven for Book Enthusiasts in Causeway Bay

The Hong Kong Central Library, located in the vibrant Causeway Bay area, stands as Hong Kong’s largest library. Spanning 9,400 square meters across 12 floors, it houses a diverse collection of books.

Situated south of Victoria Park, a sprawling green space in Causeway Bay, the library is adjacent to the iconic statue of Queen Victoria.

“Hong Kong Causeway Bay: The Central Library”

The scale of the Hong Kong Central Library is substantial. Upon entering, one might be struck by the unique interior design. The space from the first to approximately the eighth floor is open in the middle, providing a layout that eliminates any sense of confinement indoors.

Elevators allow access to different floors, each holding books on varying subjects. Notably, the expansive glass windows offer spectacular views of Victoria Park.

“Photography Prohibited in the Central Library”

While the interior ambiance of the building is impressive, unfortunately, due to the nature of a library, photography is prohibited. As a result, I could only retain memories of what I saw in my mind.

However, upon reading writings from others who visited, I noticed that some managed to capture photos inside. Knowing this, I couldn’t help but think that I should have taken photos too.

“Admire the Scenery of Hong Kong’s Waters and Victoria Park”

Enjoying the view outside the window while reading a book at the Hong Kong Central Library is a delightful experience. The large glass windows allow for a panoramic view, making it an excellent place for reading or studying.

While it may leave something to be desired for travelers, it seems like an excellent space for local Hongkongers. Personally, if I were to spend an extended period in Hong Kong, I would definitely make it a frequent stop.

“Hong Kong Causeway Bay, Central Library”