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“Hi Seoul Youth Hostel” in Yeongdeungpo, Seoul

A hostel, in contrast to a hotel, offers a different type of accommodation. While commonly referred to as a youth hostel, they are now also simply called hostels. This shift is due to the fact that these spaces are not only meant for young individuals, but also cater to adults.

The most distinctive difference between a hotel and a hostel lies in their rooming policies. Hotels typically adhere to a one-team, one-room principle. In contrast, hostels allow groups of people, ranging from as few as 3-4 to as many as 40-50, to share a single room.

“Hi Seoul Youth Hostel” in Yeongdeungpo, Seoul

In Seoul, you’ll find three prominent youth hostels. These include “Seoul International Youth Hostel” located in Namsan, the “International Youth Center” in Gangseo-gu, and “Hi Seoul Youth Hostel” in Yeongdeungpo.

Among these options, “Hi Seoul Youth Hostel” in Yeongdeungpo enjoys a relatively close proximity to Exit 1 of Yeongdeungpo Market Station.

“Impeccable Facilities at Hi Seoul Youth Hostel”

In the past, when one thought of youth hostels, outdated facilities often came to mind. However, “Hi Seoul Youth Hostel” is a place that defies this stereotype.

Following renovations, it now boasts immaculate facilities and is meticulously maintained. The building spans from a basement level to seven above-ground floors, providing a total of about 95 rooms with a capacity for approximately 330 people. There are parking facilities both underground and at ground level.

“Diverse Room Sizes – from 2-Person to 10-Person Rooms”

As it’s a youth hostel, “Hi Seoul Youth Hostel” offers spaces for various group sizes, ranging from 2-person rooms to 10-person rooms. Accommodation fees vary depending on the type of facility, and there’s also a distinction in fees between youth and adults. For detailed rates, refer to the website.

“Facilities at Hi Seoul Youth Hostel”

The first floor of the building houses a cafeteria. Here, you can enjoy meals such as breakfast, lunch, and dinner. For group reservations, it’s necessary to make meal arrangements in advance.

As for meal costs, you can find detailed information on the website, where you’ll also note differences in prices between youth and adults.

On the first floor, you’ll also find a Paris Baguette. Here, you can enjoy a simple meal consisting of bread, coffee, and various beverages.

“Hi Seoul Youth Hostel in Yeongdeungpo, Seoul”