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Gwanghwamun Shabu Shabu: Nutrient-rich Mushroom Kalguksu

The area around Gwanghwamun in Seoul is a representative concentration of office buildings. It houses various government offices, including the Seoul Metropolitan Government, as well as the headquarters of several newspapers. During lunchtime, you can see numerous office workers coming out to have their meals.

Especially, you can find many hidden gem restaurants in the underground shopping area of the buildings around Gwanghwamun. It’s a fun place to explore for these hidden dining spots.

“The Restaurant: Gwanghwamun Shabu Shabu – Mushroom Kalguksu”

This restaurant, named “Nutrient-rich Mushroom Kalguksu,” is also tucked away in the underground shopping area. It’s located on the basement level 1 of the Sinmunro Building. It’s not a restaurant in a building with many eateries, so it’s somewhat discreet and not that easy to find.

They offer separate menus for lunch and dinner. During lunchtime, they provide a single menu which includes “Mushroom Kalguksu + Fried Rice” for KRW 8,000 per person. However, this menu is available for a minimum of two people.

For dinner, they have a Mushroom Beef Shabu Shabu menu, which allows you to enjoy a generous serving of meat, kalguksu, and fried rice for KRW 12,000 per person.

Additionally, they also offer sashimi, where you can taste various seafood like flounder, rockfish, sea bream, and mackerel.

“Lunch Menu: Mushroom Kalguksu + Fried Rice – KRW 8,000”

I’ve visited this place several times and had the chance to try both the lunch and dinner menus. The lunch menu, priced at KRW 8,000 per person, allows you to enjoy a hearty meal from kalguksu to fried rice, making it a great value for money.

“Mushroom Beef Shabu Shabu – KRW 12,000”

On one evening, I had the opportunity to order the Mushroom Beef Shabu Shabu menu. Since I was the last customer, they were especially generous with the meat. It turned out to be a day when I could enjoy an even more abundant meal than usual.

You can first taste the beef and mushrooms as shabu shabu, and then cook kalguksu in the broth to eat. After finishing the kalguksu, they provide ingredients for fried rice. After trying all three dishes, I couldn’t help but feel satisfied with the hearty meal.

“Great Value Restaurant”

Gwanghwamun Nutrient-rich Mushroom Kalguksu is a restaurant that offers great value for money. The food is delicious, and the portions are generous. However, if there’s one thing lacking, it’s a bit of an upscale atmosphere. Rather than a sophisticated ambiance, it leans more towards a typical restaurant, making it not suitable for important meetings or events. 

Nevertheless, despite this, I consider it a hidden gem in the Gwanghwamun area. It might be a bit more challenging to find compared to other places, but you can enjoy delicious food at a great value.

“Gwanghwamun Nutrient-rich Mushroom Kalguksu”

  • Address: 32, Basement Level 1, Sinmunro Building, 12 Saemunan-ro 3-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul (Zip Code: 03182)
  • Phone Number: 02-722-8977
  • Business Hours: Daily 11:00 AM – 8:30 PM