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Gwanghwamun Cafe “TIMT”, in Seoul

The Gwanghwamun area can be considered one of Seoul’s representative office-dense areas. Thanks to this, you can find a variety of restaurants and cafes in the Gwanghwamun area.

Among them, cafes can be found throughout the area, ranging from large franchise cafes to small cafes run by individuals.

“TIMT (Things I Made Today) Cafe in Gwanghwamun”

The cafe “TIMT,” which can be found in the Gwanghwamun area, stands for “Things I Made Today.” When translated into Korean, it can be interpreted as “내가 오늘 만든 것들,” which may not align well with Korean sentiment.

Despite this, the cafe’s location is quite favorable, and it is always bustling with a lot of people. It’s a place visited by various people, including those who have established their base in the Morning Office near Gyeonghuigung Palace, residents of nearby apartments, and professionals or entrepreneurs who visit the Gwanghwamun area for business purposes.

In fact, since the author’s company is located nearby, there have been several meetings held at this cafe.

“A Cafe with Reasonable Prices”

At the cafe, you can find various beverages, snacks, and desserts, including coffee. The Americano, which is commonly ordered, is priced at a reasonable range starting from 4,000 KRW for an iced version. When compared to Starbucks, it is slightly more affordable.

In addition to this, there are signature menu items such as “TIMT Tea-Made” and “TIMT Affogato,” priced at 5,500 KRW and 6,500 KRW respectively.

“A Cafe with Lower Ceiling Height, Slightly Disappointing”

“Things I Made Today,” commonly referred to as “TIMT,” is relatively spacious and gives off a cozy vibe. However, one can’t help but feel a bit disappointed due to the relatively low ceiling height. The ceiling doesn’t give the impression of being very high, making it feel not much different from a regular office space, which can lead to a slightly stifling feeling.

Nevertheless, despite this minor drawback, it’s a good cafe to visit. It’s suitable for conducting business meetings or bringing a laptop to work.

“Gwanghwamun Cafe, TIMT”

  • Address: 1st Floor, Ikgeun Building, 14 Gyeonghuigung 2-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul
  • Phone: 010-4122-0318
  • Operating Hours: 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM