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Gangneung Wolhwa Street Cafe: Cat’si (Birch Tree Craft Beer)

While strolling around Gangneung Jungang Market and Wolhwa Street, and after finishing our lunch, we noticed an intriguing spot on our way back, catching our attention.

Situated at the end of Wolhwa Street, on the way back to the parking lot, was a cafe selling various items that you can experience in Gangneung.

“Gangneung Coffee Bread and Handcrafted Birch Tree Beer”

Right in front of the store, they were offering coffee bread with the fragrance of Gangneung’s famous coffee. Originally, I intended to purchase only the coffee bread, but upon entering the store, I also found that they were selling “handcrafted beer.”

“Birch Tree Craft Beer”

While I’m not a big drinker, hearing that it’s a type of alcohol that you can taste in Gangneung made me feel like trying at least one. If you buy four bottles, they’ll put them in a gift box. I thought it might make a nice gift, so I purchased four bottles.

They offer various types, and when you make a purchase, they include an information sheet about the Birch Tree Brewery’s craft beers and a description of the types of beer.

“Craft Beer List”

  • 미노리 세션: Minori Session
  • 즈므블랑: Zeumeu Blanc
  • 하슬라 IPA: Haslla IPA
  • 백일홍 레드에일: Baegilhong Red Ale
  • 대굴령 페일에일: Daegwallyeong Pale Ale
  • 경포 DIPA: Gyeongpo Double PIA

Even if you’re not a fan of alcohol, these items can be used as decorations, like turning the bottles into vases, after you’ve enjoyed the beer.

“A Cafe on the Third Floor”

We only had a brief stop to make a purchase and had little time to spend in the cafe, but from what I gathered from other reviews, the cafe spans three floors. They even have an outdoor terrace where you can enjoy the view on a nice day.

Although we didn’t have the chance to fully experience it this time due to time constraints, if I have the opportunity to visit Gangneung again, it’s a place I’d like to leisurely explore with more time.

“Gangneung Wolhwa Street: Cafe Cat’si”

  • Address: 19-1, Geumsung-ro 13beon-gil, Gangneung-si, Gangwon-do 25543
  • Phone: 033-643-5929