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“Gangneung Gyeongpo Beach: Summer Scenery”

I visited Gangneung in 2022. From March 11th to 12th of 2022, I explored Gangneung. Gyeongpo Beach is an indispensable place when visiting Gangneung, so despite it being winter, I made sure to visit the sea.

At the time, it was still winter, so the beach wasn’t open yet. Since I visited on a weekday, there weren’t many people, creating a relatively quiet and peaceful atmosphere.

“August 2023, the Summer View of Gyeongpo Beach”

I visited Gyeongpo Beach again in 2023. This time, it was not winter, but rather, it was August, which can be considered the heart of summer. On August 5th, 2023, I visited Gyeongpo Beach, and I could definitely feel a different atmosphere compared to the winter sea.

As the beach was fully open, I could see parasols set up all around, and there were many people enjoying the sea. Since it was summer, I could distinctly sense the lively atmosphere, unlike the winter sea.

“Gyeongpo Beach Visit with U.S. Department of State Scholarship Students”

This trip to Gangneung was with U.S. Department of State scholarship students. As the program was coming to an end, we embarked on a graduation trip style journey together, choosing Gangneung as our destination.

Certainly, being American high school students, some came prepared with swimsuits, and even those who didn’t, could be seen jumping into the water immediately. Of course, amidst all this, there were about 1/3 of students who absolutely didn’t go into the water, but around 2/3 of them would jump right in upon seeing the sea.

I did have some concerns about potential issues, but fortunately, there were safety personnel stationed at the beach, so accidents didn’t occur, thankfully.

“Feeling the Energetic Atmosphere at Gyeongpo Beach”

Visiting the sea in the summer brings a distinctly different atmosphere compared to visiting in winter. Especially, when visiting the famous East Coast beaches, like Gyeongpo Beach, I felt that I could sense the vitality of the people visiting the beach even more.

“Gangneung: Gyeongpo Beach”

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